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What does WA commercial motor insurance cover?

Insuring your company car against third-party liability is not a choice, but an obligation. Of course, you are free to insure the company car more extensively. Whether WA insurance is the right insurance for you and your company car depends on several things.

What does WA commercial motor insurance cover?

If damage is caused by your company car, the injured party has a direct right of action against your insurer. It does not matter whether you were the driver or someone else. This legally compulsory insurance has been introduced to protect other road users. The insurance pays out if the driver of your company car is liable for the damage. Has the company car itself been damaged? This damage cannot be recovered from the own third-party insurance.

Opting for WA commercial motor insurance or another cover?

In case of damage to your own company car, the WA company car insurance is of no use to you. You cannot be held liable for damage caused to your own motor vehicle. However, WA insurance can be the right choice when it comes to cost considerations. If you also want to insure for instance theft, broken windows and hail damage, you will end up with WA + limited casco. Do you want the most extensive insurance? The all-risk company car insurance also pays out for damage to your own vehicle. When comparing premiums, you can compare the premiums for the different types of insurance.

Do consider the disadvantages of WA commercial vehicle insurance

Comprehensive third-party liability insurance saves you money on the premium, but don't forget the downside. For example, theft and a collision through your fault could leave you without a company car.

How much more does the WA + limited casco cost?

You choose WA company car insurance because you want low monthly costs, but how much more expensive is a more comprehensive insurance? Often you can choose WA + limited casco for a slightly higher premium. The difference between WA and all-risk company car insurance is often very big. Still you can consider the more extensive insurance when you have a lot of damage free years. The discount can amount to 75% or even higher. This takes away a large part of the premium.

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