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Do you need contents insurance for anti-squatting?

In order to clarify what anti-squatting insurance is, we will first explain what anti-squatting means.

What is anti-squatting?

Anti-squatting is also known as 'squatting'. In principle, this means that you live in an empty building so that squatters cannot occupy it. However, with anti-squatting you do not enter into a rental agreement, but a loan agreement.

Because you do not sign a tenancy agreement, you do not enjoy the same protection as tenants do. For example, you are never sure for how long you can stay in the property. Has the landlord found a tenant for the property? Then you may receive a letter summoning you to leave the property within two weeks.

Are you thinking about living anti-squatting? Please take the above into account.

Anti-squatting contents insurance

What is an anti-squatting contents insurance?

Content insurance is basically the same as many other content insurances. But what is household insurance? Content insurance is insurance that covers all your loose possessions in your home. This means that everything is insured that is not connected to the building. Are you moving house and can you take your belongings with you without too much trouble? Then it falls under the contents insurance. This could be your sofa or bed, for example. But also the skirting boards, if you can take them out easily.

Do you also want to insure things that are attached to the building? Then choose a building insurance. This insures everything that is connected to the building. By taking out both insurances, you have insured almost all your belongings in your home.

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What do you need to consider?

Some insurers are still reluctant to insure an anti-squatting house. This is because they are never sure for how long you will need the insurance. You can be evicted at any time. If you therefore want to take out insurance for a short time or want to cancel it, this can cost the insurer money. Therefore, the premium is often higher than when you do not live in an anti-squat house.

Another factor is that anti-squatting is often regarded as unsafe. The insurer sees anti-squatting as a risk. The insurer assumes that damage is more likely to occur during anti-squatting. This also increases the premium.

However, in principle, the premium is calculated on the address that you declare to live. This will initially determine the amount of your premium. This results in a basic amount, and depending on the further information you provide, the final premium amount is calculated. As mentioned earlier, there is a high chance that if you indicate your living situation as anti-squatting, the premium will increase slightly.

How do you get the best premium?

Compare premiums with different insurers. This will give you a more complete picture of what insurers offer. Look carefully at the conditions for each insurance and always mention that you live anti-squatting. Do you not mention it? Then it is possible that your insurer will not pay out if something happens. This is because you have not provided the insurer with the correct information.

The lowest possible premium is not always the best solution. Cheap insurance may cover fewer types of damage. It is best to pay attention to this.

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