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Content insurance for flats: what should you pay attention to?

When you buy or rent a flat, you have to deal with a number of insurances. To insure the belongings in your house you need a contents insurance for your flat. But what is household contents insurance and what is insured?

flat contents insurance

Why take out home contents insurance for a flat?

If you have bought or rented a flat, you will naturally want to insure your valuables. With contents insurance you ensure that your possessions, such as your furniture, appliances, clothing, etc. are well insured in case of damage, for example, by fire or theft.

It is not compulsory to take out contents insurance, although we strongly recommend it. Often your possessions are worth more than you think. What if a fire or other unforeseen event were to force you to buy everything again? You can imagine that this would be a major expense.

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What is insured in your flat with the contents insurance?

With contents insurance for your apartment, you are covered for damage to all your belongings in the house that are not attached to your apartment. Such as furniture, clothing, and possibly other valuables. Damage to the kitchen is usually covered under home contents insurance because it cannot be moved without damage.
Basically, insurance companies use the following rules as to what is covered under a building or contents insurance policy:

  • Building insurance: All the parts of your house that you cannot remove without causing serious damage.
  • Contents insurance: Everything that you can take with you without having to detach it from the building and thereby damage it.

When you buy a flat, the building insurance is often arranged by the VVE (Owners' Association). In most cases, this association takes care of building insurance for the entire building, so that not everyone needs to insure their home separately. To be sure, ask your VVE if this is the case.

What is not insured in your flat with a contents insurance?

Damage that was foreseeable is never covered by any insurance. You can think of damage due to overdue maintenance, for example. Damage caused deliberately is also not covered. The contents insurance often does not cover damage caused by earthquakes, floods, violence and nuclear reactions. For this, the government often calls upon a certain fund.

Stuff that is in your flat is insured with a contents insurance. Outside your flat the loss of and/or damage to your belongings is usually not insured. If you take out an additional Buitenhuis (outside) coverage, belongings that are not in your flat are still insured.

There may always be exclusions applicable to your contents insurance for your flat. It is therefore always wise to read the conditions and clauses carefully when comparing insurances. Mobile phones or laptops, for example, may be excluded. In addition, the coverage area is important: does the coverage only apply to the Netherlands or worldwide? All this kind of information can be found in the policy conditions.

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