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Contents insurance with criminal record

Have you been in contact with the police/judicial authorities during the last 8 years? Do you have a criminal record? You will need to mention this with any application you make for new insurance.

A traffic fine for running a red light or for speed are not the things that are meant to affect your insurance application.

However, you must always report the following when applying for new insurance:

  • A (conditional) disqualification from driving
  • If you are (have been) suspected or convicted of:
    • theft, embezzlement, fraud, forgery or attempted fraud;
    • destruction of and/or damage to property
    • assault, extortion and extortion, threats or other crimes against the freedom or life of other persons or attempts to do so;
    • violation of the Weapons and Ammunition Act, the Opium Act or the Economic Offences Act.

Most insurers have no way of insuring you in the above cases.

Home contents insurance criminal record

What are my options for home insurance when I have a criminal record?

Unfortunately, as described above, most insurers have no way of insuring you in the event of a criminal record. Of course, it depends on what the reason for your criminal record is, but insurers are very careful about this.

Insurers can decide for themselves who they do or do not want as a customer. Insurers have no obligation to accept. Only the healthcare insurers are obliged to accept someone for the basic insurance at all times.

For the contents (and other insurances), however, we can request a quotation without engagement from De Vereende, because we always have a solution for you. This insurer has a broader acceptance policy and in principle accepts everyone, also in case of non-payment in the past.

The condition is that you pay the first three months in advance.

Contract contents insurance? Calculate your premium!

How can I get home insurance with a criminal record?

You can only take out insurance with De Vereende through an intermediary. For a quotation without any obligations you can contact us by telephone. At the moment it is not yet possible to request this quotation online.

Please note that we will need details of your home and contents for this and that you must have them ready.

How is the value of the contents calculated?

To calculate the overall value of the contents, you can use the contents value meter. Often this also provides a guarantee against underinsurance for a certain period, usually five years. This prevents you from having to notify the insurer of your purchase in order to be suitably insured.

Calculate the premium for a contents insurance directly!

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