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Does home contents insurance also cover theft?

It's hard to think about, but unfortunately theft can happen to you. Unfortunately, there is no insurance that covers all forms of theft. You have to take out separate theft insurance for different items. For example, there is household insurance to insure your belongings in the home. To insure your car against theft, there is an all-risk car insurance.


theft insurance

Theft insurance for household effects

A household contents insurance provides coverage for damage to your household contents indoors. Most insurers reimburse the damage caused by the burglary as well as the theft itself. For valuable items such as jewellery and audio and computer equipment, coverage in the event of theft is often limited. Pay close attention to the policy conditions when you take out home contents insurance. Do you have many valuable items? Consider including extra insurance for these items or taking out extra valuable insurance. Have items from your household contents been stolen from your car? Then this damage is also covered by your home contents insurance. There must be clear signs of forced entry. Again, most insurers cover a maximum amount for theft from cars.

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Theft insurance outside the home?

Does the theft happen outside your home? With an exterior cover, your belongings can also be insured outside the home against unexpected and sudden damage and theft. This cover is for items that are actually meant to be used outside, such as a video camera, a camera or a laptop. With some insurers, the cover for outside the home is even included in the insurance as standard.

Theft insurance for buildings

When your home is broken into, there is often damage to your home as well. When a door is kicked in or a window is smashed, for example. Burglars can also cause other damage to your home in order to enter your home. Things that are part of your home are covered by your building insurance

Burglary in a student house - what is covered?

Do you, or your child, live in a student residence and do you have home contents insurance for students? In that case, insurers use a so-called burglary clause. This means that theft is only covered if there are traces of forced entry to the room, such as a forced lock or a smashed window.

Car theft insurance

Do you want to insure your car against theft? Then you need an all-risk car insurance. This comprehensive car insurance covers your car for theft, vandalism and joyriding. Not only the theft of the car itself, but also a broken window is covered by the all risk car insurance.

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