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Does the home contents insurance cover a broken washing machine?

Water damage from a broken washing machine. It's unfortunately a regular occurrence. But what about insurance? Does your home contents insurance pay out for a broken washing machine? We explain.

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home contents insurance broken washing machine

Is the damage caused by a broken washing machine covered by the contents insurance?

A washing machine leak is unfortunately very common. This is because a washing machine has many different places where a leak can occur. The most common cause of a washing machine leak is the door seal. The water damage caused by washing machine leaks is often very extensive because many people have them on the top floor. Often the drain hose is the cause of water damage. For example, if the hose is broken or porous. It also sometimes happens that the washing machine hose vibrates out of the drain pipe during the spin cycle. You can prevent this by securing the hose properly in the drain pipe and possibly securing it extra with tape.

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Can you recover water damage from the contents insurance due to the broken washing machine? Yes. In many cases you are simply insured for this. A defect in the washing machine is an unforeseen event beyond your control. The consequences of this water damage can be extensive. The walls may be wet or the laminate floor may be under water. In short, a lot of misery you don't want. With home contents insurance you are insured for water damage caused by your washing machine in most cases. Read more about the contents insurance coverage for water damage here.

What is reimbursed for my broken washing machine?

Do you have water damage? Address the cause of the water damage as soon as possible and get your belongings to safety. If possible, also take pictures of the water damage. Report the water damage by phone or online to your insurance company or intermediary. They can often tell you right away if the damage is covered.

Are you insured through Alpina? If so, you can also report the damage to us by phone.

Exactly what will be reimbursed by contents insurance depends on your insurance situation and coverage. In most cases, an inspector will visit you to inspect the damage. He will inspect the cause of the water damage and determine whether or not you will receive compensation.


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