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Report a complaint

Should you have a complaint about our firm, our complaint procedure is as follows:

Filing a complaint

We constantly take great care to ensure the quality of our services and do our utmost to provide you with the best possible service. Nevertheless, it may happen that you are not completely satisfied. If so, we would like to hear from you, so that together we can come to a solution for your complaint.

Within 5 business days, after receipt of your complaint, we will confirm to you in writing or by e-mail that your complaint has been received and considered.Should any information be missing to address your complaint, we will also request additional information from you within the aforementioned 5 business days.

We will ensure that your complaint is handled with care. We aim to resolve the complaint within 14 working days after the date of the acknowledgement of receipt. Should this not be possible, you will in any case receive notification of the state of affairs within the aforementioned period.

Should you unfortunately still be dissatisfied with the outcome of your complaint handling, you can turn to the KiFiD (Foundation Financial Services Complaints Institute)


P.O. Box 93257
2509 AG The Hague
Tel: 0900 - 355 22 48
[email protected]

Civil court

You can also choose to have your complaint or dispute adjudicated by the court. Note: if the Kifid has already issued a binding decision, you can no longer go to court. Are you going directly to court? Then you cannot go to Kifid afterwards. Going to court costs money. Mediation by Kifid is (largely) free. The Kifid does not handle complaints from businesses. Are you a business customer of ours and do you have a complaint about our services? Then you can submit this complaint / dispute to the court.

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