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Home insurance death, what to do?

After years of fine and happy living together with your partner, you are faced with something terrible: your partner dies. After this terrible event, you and your family must make many arrangements. Besides the funeral, there are also various financial matters involved. This also involves various insurances. How is this arranged when someone dies? What happens to your home insurance? In this blog from Alpina, we discuss home insurance and the consequences of death.

What exactly is home insurance?

In insurance terms, home insurance is also called building insurance. With a home insurance you insure all immovable goods (goods that are permanently connected to the ground) to your house. Think for example of your built-in kitchen or the walls of your house. If you want to insure yourself properly, it is useful to know the reinstatement value of your house. You can easily calculate this with the reinstatement value meter of the Dutch Association of Insurers. This way you can get a good indication of the expected premium. It also depends on the coverage you choose. Do you want a basic insurance or an all-risk insurance? Depending on your wishes and requirements regarding home insurance, you will pay a (higher) premium.

home insurance death

The consequences of death and home insurance

What are the consequences of death for your home insurance? First of all, it is important to know that this depends on your insurer. It is important to check the current policy conditions with this insurer.

In addition, you have to consider whether you will continue to live at the address. If you continue to live there, you can contact the insurer and adjust the home insurance to the new situation. It is also important to take a good look at your house again. Have there been any renovations or adjustments in recent years? You can calculate this with the rebuilding value meter. This way you can make sure you have the right home insurance for the new situation. Then you don't pay too much and your house is well insured.

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Are you not staying at the same address? Then a different arrangement applies. Often you can continue the insurance for a few months. If you continue to live there for some time, you can only cancel the insurance if you move house. If you live somewhere else in the meantime, the cover may continue in part. This has to do with the risk of burglary. Please check the conditions for this with your insurer.

What data of the deceased does the insurer need?

Most insurers require various pieces of information in the event of a death. These include documents from the deceased. These include:

  • A copy of the death certificate;
  • The relationship you had with the deceased;
  • Policy number;
  • The name of the insured person (in which name the insurance is held);
  • What you want to do with the insurance (convert or cancel)

The insurer will always support you in this process.

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