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What is an ART lock?

Most insurers have a security requirement for moped or motorbike insurance. This requirement is set for WA-theft or all-risk coverage. The lock used must be a so-called ART lock.

The ART quality mark has various security levels that are indicated by stars. The star system is simple. The more stars a lock has, the better its security value.

Different categories of ART locks

ART two-wheel locks are divided into categories 1 to 5 with regard to the degree of security against theft.

Of course, a category 1 lock has a lower theft prevention than a lock from a higher category. A category 5 lock has undergone the toughest test in the ART test regulations. A category 5 lock may be required by insurers when storing the motorbike at home. For motorbikes on the move, a category 4 lock will often suffice, as these locks are suitable for taking with you.

Insurance companies often clearly state in the policy conditions - depending on the type of two-wheeler - which category the lock must be in as a condition for obtaining insurance.

ART Class 2 locks

This class is particularly suitable for bikes with or without an auxiliary motor.

ART Class 3 locks

This class is particularly suitable for mopeds.

ART Class 4 locks

This class is particularly suitable for motorbikes.

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Correct use of ART lock combination

When buying a separate ART approved padlock and a separate ART approved chain, it is important to look carefully at which lock combinations* are the right ones.

In practice, it happens that, for example, an ART-approved steel chain is used in combination with a non-ART-approved padlock. The packaging (with ART certification!) of a loose padlock or loose chain must always state which lock combinations are possible. Make sure that these are not deviated from. Other lock combinations are not ART approved! This may mean that you do not meet the conditions that your insurer sets for the lock.

*Lock combinations also mean a steel chain with a brake disc lock or a bicycle ring lock.

The list of ART approved locks and additional information can be found at

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