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Insurance payment delays

It can happen that you do not have enough balance in your account. Then we or the insurer will not succeed in collecting the premium. You can also forget to transfer your premium. In both cases you are in arrears. You will then receive a payment reminder from us or the insurer.

Insurance payment delays

What can you do when you are in arrears?

Do you want to pay outstanding premium immediately? And do you pay the premium to us? Then you can do so via the account number on the reminder you received. Always state your policy number.

Can't pay right away? And have you not yet received a letter from our collection agency, Cannock Debt Collection? If so, please contact us.

Have you received a letter from Cannock Debt Collection yet?

Then contact about your arrears goes through them. You can reach them from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on 010-2051740. They will then help you further.

Are you worried about your finances or in debt?

Over 36,000 people with debt worries have already been helped with appropriate advice through geldfit.nl. Take a free online test via geldfit.nl and get tailored advice.

What happens if you are in arrears?

Don't respond to our payment reminders?
Then your payment arrears and dunning fees increase. Eventually, our collection agency, Cannock Debt Collection, takes over from us.

Are you in arrears with an insurer?

Do you want to pay your outstanding premium immediately? And have you received a reminder from the insurer? Then you can do so via the account number on the reminder you received. Always mention your policy number.

You may be able to make payment arrangements

Are you unable to pay your premium arrears in one go?
Then you may be able to make a payment arrangement. We will set a payment schedule with you. We must be able to collect the premium from your account. If we are unable to do so, the arrangement will be cancelled. Would you like to make use of this? Please contact us.

If your motor vehicle is uninsured, you are liable for penalties

The Government Road Transport Agency (RDW) regularly examines whether all registered motor vehicles are insured. Is your motor vehicle not insured? Then the RDW will fine you hundreds of euros. This is because you are required by law to insure your motor vehicle.

When does your insurance coverage end?

If you don't pay the premium, your insurance coverage stops. The letter will tell you which date applies to you. The coverage then lapses retroactively. So you cannot make claims from the time the premium should have been received by us.

You've paid. When will you be insured again?

You are insured again after we receive your overdue premium. When this is often stated in the reminders. This also applies to your motor insurance.

Often one day after receiving the outstanding premium. Want to be sure as of when you will be insured again? Then contact us.

Would you like to pay by direct debit from now on?

With a direct debit, you reduce the risk of missing a premium payment.

Here's how to set up a direct debit

Contact us to set up a direct debit. In it, indicate that you want to pay by direct debit from now on.

In your email, please include your full name, address, account number and your insurance policy number.