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14-day cooling-off period
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Do you want to insure a vehicle temporarily, but your insurance company does not have insurance for an international certificate of insurance? Through Alpina, you can get temporary car insurance that covers the vehicle for 15 days on a Third Party Liability (TPL) basis.

15 days coverage in Europe

With the 15-day temporary insurance, you have coverage in Europe.

Green card for temporary car insurance

Alpina issues a green card with the 15-day temporary car insurance policy. After those 15 days, coverage automatically expires. Note! The insurance does not cover damage to your own vehicle.

Take out your temporary car insurance in 5 minutes

It is possible to take out temporary car insurance directly online. After receipt of the payment, you will receive the insurance certificate by e-mail. We do not accept cash payments.

Paying online

You can pay the premium directly via iDEAL. In case of a temporary insurance for export, you can pay via iDEAL as well as Paypal.

Temporary insurance also for other vehicles

The temporary insurance is not only for passenger cars but also for vans, trucks and motorhomes.

International insurance certificate (green card)

In the case of the 15-day cover, the international insurance certificate - the green card - will be sent to you immediately by e-mail (24 hours a day, 7 days a week), and by post the next working day if you have a Dutch postal address. If you wish, you can print the green card. It is not compulsory to print the international insurance certificate on green paper, but if you do not do this it can cause problems abroad. We therefore advise you to always wait for the original International Insurance Certificate or, if this is not possible, to print the green card on 'green card paper' (available in bookshops) or on other green paper. Tip! Arrange your temporary car insurance in time, so that you are sure to have the green card before you pick up the car abroad, for example. By the way, the green card's starting date can be up to 1 month in the future.

Export licence plate

Unfortunately, we cannot help you with the application for an export licence plate.

The temporary insurance is not suitable for the import of vehicles from Germany.

Experience has shown that the German authorities will not issue an export licence plate without an EVB number. For this reason, we strongly advise you not to take out this insurance when importing a vehicle from Germany.

Our insurance certificate is valid in Europe. However, experience has shown that the official in Germany will not accept this certificate because it does not have an EVB number. The officer will oblige you to take out an insurance policy on the spot in order to receive the export licence plate.

The green card issued by Alpina on behalf of the insurance company is legally an international certificate of insurance, and should therefore be accepted as such by foreign authorities. In Germany, however, this is not done.

 Cancellation of temporary car insurance

The insurance can be cancelled up to the effective date of the cover, provided it is on a working day and before 17:00. If the policyholder is or has been covered, the green card cannot be cancelled via the right of cancellation.

Direct coverage

The temporary insurance can be calculated and concluded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you calculate a premium via our website and take out the insurance, in most cases you will immediately receive provisional cover.

 Alpina Plus Package

Recovery service

Alpina cooperates with to recover non-covered damage from the other party. Has someone caused damage to you, but you have no coverage on your own policy? can help you recover your damage from the other party completely free of charge.

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How we work

How does Alpina work?

We are an independent intermediary. This means that we have no financial or production obligations to any company. And that is a great advantage for you. We are always looking for the product with the lowest premium and the best conditions.

Money back guarantee! (14 days)

In addition, your insurance application will be assessed quickly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can then immediately take to the road confidently. You don't have to worry about your old insurance either, as you can cancel it with us directly online.


Alpina complies with all the legal requirements of the AFM. For example, we have the necessary permits and diplomas and we are affiliated with the Financial Services Complaints Institute (Kifid).

Alpina is also one of the few intermediaries to have joined the home shopping label, which offers you assurances when making purchases over the Internet.

Calculate the premium for an international insurance certificate directly

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