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Legal expenses insurance often proves to be very useful in practice and may even be indispensable.

When you start looking for legal expenses insurance you will see that legal expenses insurance is usually built up from different modules. In this way you can tailor the insurance to your own wishes.

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Basic legal expenses insurance covers the costs of smaller disputes and traffic cases, as well as legal and other expert mediation. Other coverages can be purchased separately.
As seen above, legal expenses insurance is usually modular. Insurers may offer coverage for certain disputes only in the Netherlands and not throughout Europe. Pay close attention to this when comparing legal expenses insurance.

When comparing legal aid, it is best to consider the following modules:

  • Traffic
    With this module you and your family are insured for legal assistance in all traffic situations worldwide. This means you are not only insured by car, but also as a (moped) cyclist or pedestrian.
  • Consumer and Housing
    With this module you and your family are insured for legal assistance in a variety of consumer cases within the European Union. Here you can think of: purchases (both online and in stores) and problems with a supplier of energy, telephone or internet. In addition, disputes with neighbors or relatives are also insured. Also disputes regarding your home (in the Netherlands) such as purchase, rental, maintenance, renovation are insured and when damage is done to your home.
    Divorce is excluded on most policies because this is a dispute between 2 insureds on the same policy. It is often only possible to use a mediator, after a marriage or registered partnership of at least three years. The maximum amount paid for this is usually between €2000 and €3000.
  • Income
    With this module, you and your family are assured of legal assistance in disputes concerning, among other things, the employment contract, social insurance benefits/provisions, and pension entitlements. Think of a forced dismissal or when the amount of your benefit is in dispute.
  • Tax and wealth
    With this module, you and your family are assured of coverage in the event of disputes with the tax authorities or a securities transaction, for example. Do you have a second home in the Netherlands or the European Union? These disputes are also covered.

Compare legal expenses insurance

Compare legal expenses insurance easily at You can compare different insurers, modules, premiums and policy conditions and take out the insurance directly if you wish. Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us. You can reach us at telephone number 088- 6883700.

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