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Is legal expenses insurance mandatory?

Legal expenses insurance is an insurance that is not compulsory in the Netherlands. It may not be the first thing you think of when you take out legal assistance insurance. You often only think about it when you have already ended up in a conflict. But taking out legal assistance insurance at that moment is actually too late. With a legal assistance insurance you are assured of legal help in case of a conflict.


legal expenses insurance mandatory

Legal expenses insurance; why?

It is not required by law to take out legal expenses insurance. However, the moment you need legal assistance, the bill can quickly mount up. When taking out legal assistance insurance, you can choose between various types of cover; consumer & residence, traffic, work & income or tax & property. This way you can choose which module fits your current personal situation. For example, if you are on the road a lot with your car, you are more likely to have a legal conflict in traffic than if you only use your car at the weekend. When considering whether to take out legal expenses insurance, it also depends on whether you can pay any legal costs yourself.

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In what situations does the legal expenses insurance cover?

Do you want to take out legal expenses insurance? Then take a good look at the situations for which you want coverage. You often choose yourself for which situations you want coverage. The most common situations are explained below:

1. Consumers and housing

With this module you are insured for conflicts as a consumer. This includes, for example, conflicts that have arisen after the purchase of a product. Or conflicts relating to your rental or owner-occupied home.

2. Traffic

In conflict about the sale or purchase of your vehicle? Depending on your insurance policy, your legal assistance insurance offers coverage for conflicts in the field of traffic. This includes all conflicts in and around traffic: by car, by bike or on foot.

3. Work and income

With this module, you are assured of legal help and support in conflicts that are related to your work and income. This may be about dismissal, but also about your pension or benefit.

4. Tax and equity

This module offers the whole family coverage in the Netherlands in the event of disputes with, for example, the tax authorities or in the event of a securities transaction. Disputes relating to your second home are also covered, provided it is in the Netherlands or the European Union.

Insurance waiting period

If you want to take out legal expenses insurance, you have to take a certain waiting period into account. This means that you cannot make an immediate claim on the insurance. This is because the legal assistance insurance cannot be used for conflicts that you see coming. The waiting period differs per insurer. In some cases you do get a discount on legal aid if you need legal advice. The waiting period does not apply to future and unexpected products. For example, do you have legal assistance insurance for your car and do you get involved in an accident after taking out the insurance? Then in this situation there is no waiting period.

Do I have an excess with my legal expenses insurance?

It is possible that an excess applies to your legal assistance insurance. In that case, you first pay a contribution when you need legal assistance.

Compare legal expenses insurance

Compare legal expenses insurance easily at www.alpina.nl. You can compare different insurers, modules, premiums and policy conditions and take out the insurance directly if you wish. You can also compare and take out your other home insurance policies, such as home contents insurance, building insurance and liability insurance, at alpina.nl. Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us.

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