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Why do I need legal expenses insurance?

Suppose you find yourself in a legal conflict. You first seek legal help and eventually you even need a lawyer. At some point, you receive the bill from your lawyer. This bill runs into thousands of euros. What if you had not had to pay these costs yourself?

This is what legal expenses insurance is for. This insurance covers various costs you may face if you find yourself in a legal conflict. But what exactly is covered? And what should you pay attention to when choosing your coverage? Alpina explains it for you.

legal expenses insurance why necessary

What is covered?

Before taking out legal expenses insurance, it is wise to know what is covered and what is not.

What is covered?

A legal expenses insurance is meant to cover the costs that are made when you need legal assistance. This legal aid often consists of hiring a lawyer. Legal proceedings are also covered.

Please note that in many cases, only the lawyers and solicitors engaged by the insurer are paid. Do you choose to engage someone yourself? Then your insurer may not reimburse you.

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What is not covered?

Of course, there are also some cases that are (probably) not covered by legal expenses insurance.

Coverage area (topographic)

You may not be covered in certain areas. To be covered, the other party in a legal dispute must fall within the coverage area. This coverage area can be within Europe, for example. Often these areas of cover can be extended by additional modules.


Is the legal assistance necessary because you yourself intentionally caused the situation? Then these costs will not be reimbursed by your insurer. All costs that you incur will be borne by you.


Most insurance companies do not reimburse the costs of legal assistance insurance for divorces. It is possible, however, that your insurer will reimburse you for mediation with your partner. Please note, however, that this reimbursement is limited to a certain amount.

Also, termination of registered partnership, cohabitation contract and alimony are generally not covered by the insurance. However, you can request mediation for these cases as well and probably have them reimbursed by your insurance company. Be sure to check your policy conditions for this.


Is the legal aid necessary in a conflict that arose because you committed fraud? Then this is never covered by your insurance. As with deliberate acts, the costs incurred will be entirely at your expense.

Which legal expenses insurance do you need?

Legal expenses insurance is generally offered in different modules. These can be modules that deal with your family relationship, traffic situations, pension damage to property, etc.

Which module is applicable to you depends entirely on your situation. Do you have regular conflicts within your family, for example? Then it might be wise to take out legal assistance insurance for this. You can go through each module and decide for yourself what is applicable to you.

Do you have no idea which modules you need? Then it is best to contact the insurance company's customer service. You might even consider getting legal advice on this.

Taking out legal expenses insurance? Alpina is at your service.

Get your legal expenses insurance easily and quickly at Alpina. Thanks to Alpina's 40 years of experience, we know how to help you inexpensively. You can choose the modules you want. This way you decide how high your premium will be. Do you have questions about taking out insurance? Then you can always contact our customer service.

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