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Am I liable for damage caused by my pets?

Often our pets are sweet animals who only do nice and funny things and obey us. However, it can also happen that your dog spontaneously starts chewing on the legs of your new couch. Or that your cat sneaks into your neighbor's house and climbs up the neighbor's new curtains. What about these types of damages? And are they covered on liability insurance?

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liability insurance for pets

My dog destroyed my sofa

Liability insurance does not cover damage from your own dog, cat or other pet to your own belongings. This is because you made the decision to have a pet and, according to the insurers, this is the risk you run in doing so. Many household insurance policies do not cover this either, but this can vary from provider to provider. You can check this in the terms and conditions of the relevant insurance policy.

Take out liability insurance? Calculate the premium directly!

Our cat destroyed the neighbours' curtains

It becomes different when your pets cause damage to others. For example, your cat may walk into your neighbor's house and cause damage here. Since you are the owner of the pet, you are often liable for the damage the pet causes to others. This is strict liability.

Does a waiver insurance cover all damages caused by my dog (or other pet)?

Most liability insurance policies provide coverage for damage caused by your dog or cat to others. Liability insurance usually also provides coverage for damage caused by other small pets to third parties.

It becomes different when you have larger pets, such as horses, for example. There are insurers that do not include this in coverage without question. Or insurers that can only insure up to a certain number of horses, for example. The reason is that larger animals can cause greater damage. This increases the risk to the insurer.

This can always be found in the conditions of the insurance. Always consult these well, to know in advance what is covered and what is not.

My dog has been bitten by another dog. What to do now?

In this case it is best to contact your legal assistance insurer. They will report the damage to the insurer of the other party (the owner of the other dog). The circumstances of the incident will be examined and the guilty party will be identified. Legal aid can help you with this.

Liability insurance for the whole family

Pets are often not the only members of the family. A liability insurance does not automatically include all members of the family. Do you have children, for example? Then in most cases you have to insure them separately. Look for more information about family liability.


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