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What about the liability insurance in a rented house?

When you harm someone else, it can get quite out of hand financially. Then it is nice when that is insured. That is what liability insurance is for. Whether you live in a rented or owned house makes no difference. The insurance provides coverage for damage when you are actually liable for causing the damage, and takes over the discussion when you are not legally liable, but someone else thinks you are.

Liability insurance does have specific terms and conditions. Obviously, not everything is covered. For example, there is no or limited coverage for things you rent. Such as, for example, a rental property. Often fire is insured, but, for example, damage caused by living there is not. Often the rental agreement regulates who must repair and pay for what damage.

liability insurance for rental property

Can liability insurance be included in the rent of my rental property?

This is not common practice. You can find this in your rental agreement. This is because liability insurance deals primarily with risks other than damage to your rental property, and your landlord has nothing to do with that. An exception that we still sometimes see is the collective contents and liability insurance for residents of a health facility such as a retirement home.

It is often the case that the owner of a property is liable for damages resulting from a defect in that property. This occurs, for example, when in an apartment complex, a leak in one apartment also causes water damage to downstairs neighbors. This risk is often for the landlord as the owner of the apartment, and the owner can take out insurance for that. In addition, the owner's own contents insurance often also provides coverage for damage resulting from leakage at upstairs neighbors.

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Rental property: Is liability insurance mandatory?

No, family liability insurance is not mandatory. It does not matter whether you live in a house for sale or rent.

Because damages to others can involve large sums of money, it does make sense to have insurance. Liability insurance is one of the cheapest insurances and the insured amounts are high. It protects you against high claims such as when you are liable for someone else's injury.

Feel free to ask your personal advisor what does and does not belong under liability insurance coverage. Your advisor can also help you compare the terms and conditions of lots of insurers.

What other insurances do I need to take out with rented accommodation?

Still in the process of getting insurance? Then check out contents insurance or legal assistance insurance right away. Home contents insurance ensures that all the belongings in your home are insured. Contents insurance is actually the most important form of home insurance, whether you own or rent a house. You can also look into legal expenses insurance. Legal expenses insurance comes in handy the moment a dispute arises between you and the landlord. With legal expenses insurance, you get help from a lawyer. So liability insurance is not the only insurance you can look at with a rental property.

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