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My mobility scooter is broken: can I stop the insurance?

It can of course happen that something is broken on your mobility scooter. Often, these are small things and can be repaired. But when your mobility scooter is no longer to make, what do you do with your mobility scooter insurance? When your mobility scooter is broken, you can stop the insurance. In this article you can read more about what to do.

Is my mobility scooter broken?

There can be various reasons why your mobility scooter breaks down. But it is certainly annoying. You bought the mobility scooter for the reason of being more mobile. At the moment that the mobility scooter no longer works, it is often a limitation of your freedom. What you should initially check is whether the mobility scooter is actually broken. For example, it can be that in cold weather the mobility scooter does not immediately turn on. This often occurs with a scooter with a petrol engine. In addition, it can also be that the charger for your electric motor is broken. Then there is nothing else wrong with your mobility scooter. Initially, you will have to exclude these options, to determine whether your mobility scooter is really broken.

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Warranty mobility scooter

The moment you are certain that your mobility scooter is broken, you can look at whether you still have warranty on your mobility scooter. In the event that you have purchased a new mobility scooter, in most cases you have a number of years warranty. You can check this on the purchase brochure or contact your dealer. Do you have warranty? Then there is a good chance that your mobility scooter can be repaired.

Mobility scooter broken; what to do?

It may also be that your mobility scooter is really broken and can no longer be repaired. This may be due to a technical defect. Or perhaps there is so much damage to your mobility scooter from an accident. At the moment that you can no longer go on the road with your mobility scooter, you can cancel the insurance. The insurance year for a mobility scooter insurance runs from May to May, but you can terminate your mobility scooter insurance in the interim. You do not have to wait until May to cancel your insurance. The overpaid premium you just get back.

Cancelling mobility scooter insurance; how does it work?

When taking out mobility scooter insurance, you received an insurance plate or sticker. Only with this plate attached to your mobility scooter, you may drive on the road. When you stop your mobility scooter insurance, the insurance plate or sticker has to be returned to the insurer. You can send it directly to them or to us. Once the insurance plate has been received by the insurer, the insurance can be stopped.


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