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Calculate the premium for a mobility scooter insurance

You choose the mobility scooter insurance for which you pay the lowest premium, but you want a good quality insurance. When comparing the options, you don't go blindly for the lowest premium. When damage occurs, you want to be able to fall back on your mobility scooter insurance.

Insuring a mobility scooter is easy to arrange online. Probably you can not go to the insurer where your other insurances run. Most insurers do not offer the mobility scooter insurance. We can help you with insuring your mobility scooter. Calculate the costs online.

What does the mobility scooter insurance premium depend on?

The mobility scooter insurance is a relatively simple insurance. Insurers do not let the premium depend on factors such as the number of claim-free years, the weight of the mobility scooter and how often the vehicle is used. Whether it is a covered or open scooter does make a difference to the premium. Of course, we also look at the type of insurance of your choice. The extensive all-risk insurance is of course more expensive than the third-party insurance. The age of the driver can also play a role.

Which type of insurance do I choose?

The WA mobility scooter insurance is compulsory. This is also the cheapest form of insurance. The costs vary from a few tenners to just over a hundred euros for a year. For the non-covered mobility scooter, a lower premium is asked in comparison with the covered one. The WA + theft is a limited amount more expensive, but the coverage is of course a little wider. The highest premium is paid for the all risk mobility scooter insurance. The premium in that case also depends on the catalogue value of the mobility scooter.

Does the insurance run until May 1?

In contrast to most other damage insurance policies, you take out mobility scooter insurance until 1 May. On the 1st of May, a new insurance year starts. For example, an insurance taken out on 1 February has a term until 1 May. You will receive a policy and an insurance plate at home with a validity until the 1st of May. At the end of April, you will receive the policy and the insurance plate at home for the new insurance year.

Opting for a low premium or wide coverage?

You don't have to choose quality or a low premium. All you do is compare via Alpina.nl. We have already selected the best insurance options for you. This way you can benefit from the best coverage at the lowest cost. Will you now choose the third-party liability + theft or the all-risk? In the new insurance year, you can compare again. This way you keep the costs down and get customized insurance.

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Calculate the premium for mobility scooter insurance

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