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What is motorcycle damage-occupant insurance?

Pillion insurance pays an amount of money to the rider of the motorbike in case of damage caused by an accident. This can be material damage or personal injury. This is a good addition, especially for motorbike insurance.

Being a motorbike driver is a big responsibility. Especially if you also carry one or two passengers on your motorbike. You take on this responsibility by driving well and not endangering yourself and the passenger(s) unnecessarily. However, an accident cannot be completely ruled out. You can also be involved in an accident through the fault of other road users.

passenger indemnity insurance

What does the passenger indemnity insurance pay out?

Contrary to the accident passenger insurance, the passenger indemnity insurance pays the actual damage caused by an accident instead of a one-off fixed amount. In the case of personal injury, the amount can be very high. Imagine, you have an accident and the 35-year old passenger becomes permanently disabled. As a result of the injury, he can never work again. He worked as a self-employed person and sees his income drop to zero at once. The loss is the loss of income until his retirement plus the loss of his pension accrual.

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Is the passenger indemnity insurance really necessary?

In case of personal injury or material damage, the passenger can hold the person responsible for the damage liable. If the damage was caused by the driver's fault, the insurer can be sued for the damage. If the other party is to blame, the insurer can be held liable. Unfortunately, it is often more complex. The insurers may shift the blame to each other. In addition, these cases are often long drawn-out.

The situation for the driver of the motorbike is even different. The driver of the motorbike may also be to blame for the damage. In that case there is no one to blame for the damage. For the driver of the motorbike, the passenger insurance is especially important.

You can save on the premium by opting for accidental passenger insurance. Please be aware that the cover is more limited on important points. The accident passenger insurance compensates the damage caused by the accident. The accident passenger insurance only pays out in the event of death and permanent disability. The payment is also limited to a one-off (often too low) amount.

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