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What does winter break coverage in motorcycle insurance include?

Many motorcyclists do not ride during the winter. Because of the bad weather conditions, most motorcyclists stay indoors anyway. The risk of accidents is also higher.


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Saving premiums with winter cover

If you don't drive in the winter, you can't cause accidents. For insurers, this means a lower risk. Don't drive in the winter? Then you can qualify for a monthly (all year round) 10% winter stop discount for your motorbike insurance.

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Motorbike in storage is covered

During the winter break period, your motorcycle should be in storage. These risks are insured as usual. Is your motorcycle stolen? Or you have other damage while your motorcycle is in storage? And this damage would normally be insured? Then this damage is also insured during the winter break.
The winter break coverage runs from December 15 to March 1. Do you opt for the winter break? Then keep the following conditions in mind.

  • 10% Discount on main cover(Wa, Wa-plus, All Risks)
  • Driving risk is not insured during the winter break
  • Theft and storage risk is insured.

Registration number also suspended during winter break?

You do not have to temporarily suspend your motorbike from the RDW during the winter break. Do you go on the public road and cause damage? Then you are not insured, also any damage you cause to others is not insured.


Sometimes it is better not to take winter break cover

The seasons change nowadays. As a result, it can still be great to ride a motorbike in December. For those who want to be flexible, we advise not to choose a winter cover. That way you can decide when you want to take the motorbike on the road.

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