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What does all risk motorcycle insurance cover?

You take care of your motorbike, so you want insurance that you can fall back on if something happens. All-risk motorbike insurance is a wise choice. The insurance pays out in the event of damage to your motorbike. Which insurance company to choose is a matter of comparison and you will find the motorbike insurance with the broadest coverage and the lowest price.

Third-party liability (mandatory)

  • Free recovery service
  • Damage to others
  • Theft and fire damage
  • Damage to own engine

WA Limited Casco

  • Free recovery service
  • Damage to others
  • Theft and fire damage
  • Damage to own engine

WA Full Casco (All-Risk)

  • Free recovery service
  • Damage to others
  • Theft and fire damage
  • Damage to own engine
all-risk motor insurance

When does all-risk insurance pay out?

Damage caused by your motorcycle for which you are liable, the insurer pays. Damage caused to your own motorcycle is also covered by your insurer. The same applies to damage caused by theft, vandalism and storm, for example. It is the broadest form of insurance. Even if you ride your motorcycle along the traffic jam and it goes wrong, the insurance pays out. Provided you follow the rules of conduct.
The more limited WA and the WA limited casco are cheaper, but you also get less for your money. If damage is caused by another person, the all risk insurance also pays out your damages. The insurer then takes care of recovering the claim amount from the person who caused the damage.

Motorbike insurance? Calculate your premium!

Isn't it better to always go for the all-risk option?

The all-risk insurance protects your motorbike with the best possible insurance, but it is not always the right choice. The amount of the premium is the stumbling block. You are not going to pay a premium of a few hundred euros per year for a motorbike with only a small value. In case of damage, the daily value is used. You will normally not be paid more than the current market value. When comparing premiums, compare the amount of cover you receive with the amount of cover you get. For an old motorbike with a low value, you should probably choose the third party motor insurance.

What is the value of your bike?

When calculating the premium, two values are asked for, namely the current value and the new value. You do not have to look up the value yourself. Based on the license plate, it is automatically filled in. These amounts play an important role in the all-risk coverage. The premium depends to a large extent on the original value of the motorbike (new value) and the current estimated value (current value). Accessories can be included separately in the comparison. These are additions that were not standard on the motorbike when it rolled out of the factory.

By comparing them, you get the all-risk insurance at the lowest premium. This can save you hundreds of euros per year.


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