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What additions are available with RV insurance?

Besides the motor home insurance you can choose for additional insurances. Which ones can you choose and what is their function? Not all supplements are always advisable. You want to avoid double insurances. Take only an additional coverage on your motor home insurance when it really has an added value.

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Insure yourself and your passengers

In the motor home insurance you insure the liability for damage caused with the motor home. Optionally you can also insure damage to your own motor home. There are two additional insurances to ease the financial burden for yourself and your passengers in case of an accident.

Motorhome insurance? Calculate your premium!

Accident insurance

An accident can cause serious injury or death. The accident passenger insurance provides a one-off payment in the event of personal injury. This is a payment in the event of permanent disability and death of the driver and/or passengers. You can partly determine the amount yourself. In case of invalidity the payment is not sufficient to cover the loss of income due to the invalidity. Most policies provide a payment of tens of thousands to about one hundred thousand euros and in case of death a lower amount is insured. In principle, you can determine the number of persons you want to insure. Click here for more information.

The passenger indemnity insurance

This insurance is more expensive than the accident passenger insurance, but the coverage is also much broader. In addition to payment for personal injury, this insurance also pays out for material damage resulting from an accident. For example, there is coverage for damage to the belongings of passengers. As far as personal injury is concerned, the passenger indemnity insurance is also much broader. Both driver and passengers are paid for the actual damage suffered. Suppose a passenger becomes disabled due to an accident with the motorhome. From the passenger indemnity insurance a payment follows whereby the victim is fully compensated. This can amount to hundreds of thousands of euros in the case of permanent disability.

Legal expenses insurance

In some situations, you have to submit your claim to the person who caused the damage. Normally, this is not necessary with the most comprehensive WA casco insurance. The insurer will pay for the damage to your motor home. If your motor home is insured under WA or WA limited hull insurance, then the recovery of your loss from the other party is not insured. For this you can take out a recourse legal assistance insurance. The insurer will then recover your damage for you.

Legal expenses insurance for motor vehicles

This insurance also provides for the recovery of damage from the person who caused it, but the coverage is broader than that of the recourse legal expenses insurance. You can also call upon the insurance for a dispute with, for example, a car dealer or a disagreement about repair costs with the garage. You can even call upon this insurance for legal assistance in the event of prosecution following an accident. However, specific requirements may apply in order to benefit from legal assistance insurance for motor vehicles.

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