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Do I need a green card abroad?

The motor home insurance is valid in those countries for which the green card has been issued. This means that the countries that have NOT been crossed out on the back of the green card are insured.

Replacement Transport Europe
Note: Any Replacement Transport Europe coverage is valid only in the European countries or European parts of countries listed on the green card, respectively.

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green card

Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino and Gibraltar
Insurance territories Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino and Gibraltar are not listed separately on the green card. The green card does provide coverage in these insurance territories. These states fall under the following countries for the purposes of the green card:

Monaco - France
San Marino - Italy
Gibraltar - Great Britain
Liechtenstein - Switzerland.

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Montenegro / Serbia
As of July 2007, Montenegro is no longer on the green card. Either code SRG has been replaced by SRB.
Green cards, on which Serbia has not been crossed out, provide coverage only in those geographical parts of Serbia governed by the government of Serbia.

There has been contact with the embassy of Serbia and the Netherlands Bureau of Motor Insurers. This has resulted in the following:

1. All of Serbia is governed by the government of Serbia and there is a green card agency, so we provide coverage throughout Serbia.
2. Montenegro does not have a green card bureau, but is still under the administration of Serbia. An accident in Montenegro will be referred to the green card bureau in Serbia.

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