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What are the costs of a motorhome?

With a motorhome you experience the ultimate feeling of freedom. Go wherever you want! Are you considering buying a campervan? Then of course you want to know what a motorhome costs. Not only the purchase price of a motorhome plays a role. Maintenance costs and the costs of owning and using your motor home are also factors that play a part in the total cost of a motor home. Don't forget the cost of motorhome insurance. In this article we will take a closer look at the costs of buying a motorhome.

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what does a motorhome cost

What does a motor home cost per year?

First, of course, there is the cost of purchasing the motorhome. The average price of a new campervan is between €40,000 and €80,000. Second hand is of course also possible. The price of second-hand motorhomes depends on the brand and type. In addition, there are the costs for the driving licence. A separate driving licence, driving licence C1, is required to drive a larger motor home. The total costs (including lessons and applying for the driving licence) are approximately € 1300.

Motorhome insurance? Compare premiums!

Annual costs of a motor home

But that is not all. In addition to these one-off costs, there are also annual costs for your motorhome. We list the annual costs of a motorhome:

  • Vehicle tax € 850
  • Motorhome insurance € 700 - € 2,500
  • Maintenance costs € 300
  • Storage € 350
  • Amortisation of motor home per year € 2,500 - € 4,000

RV insurance costs

Of course you want to go out with your campervan. A motorhome insurance is a must to go on holiday with an easy mind. The camper insurance is different from a normal car insurance. One of the differences is that this insurance is generally cheaper than a car insurance because you drive less with a camper than with a car. Therefore, the insurance company runs less risk and the insurance premium can be lowered.

Average costs camper insurance

As with car insurance, the amount of motorhome insurance depends on a number of factors. Of course the coverage you choose will play a role. For instance, you can choose from WA-coverage, WA + limited casco and Allrisk cover. For WA only insurance you can easily pay €700 per year and for WA+ and all-risk you can pay €1.400 and €2.400 respectively. Of course, it depends on what additional cover you choose. The more risks you insure, the higher the premium will be.

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