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Which additional coverings does classic car insurance have?

You have found the right classic car insurance. You can also choose an additional insurance. One additional coverage is free, the other three you can choose extra. Two of these cover payment after an accident to the occupants of the old-timer and with the third you can make a claim for legal assistance.

What supplementary insurances are there?

Carrying passengers also brings with it a responsibility. In case of an accident, you feel responsible for material damage, but especially if the passengers suffer personal injury. You can cover this risk with one of the following two additional insurances:

- Accidental occupant insurance
- Passenger indemnity insurance

Participating in traffic can also cause legal issues. By choosing legal assistance insurance, you will be stronger. This insurance helps you recover damage from the other party, but you can also hold a car dealer or the road authority liable.

Additional accident insurance for passengers

An accident can cause serious physical injury to passengers. An accident can even result in death. Insurance cannot prevent suffering, but it can limit financial loss. The accident passenger insurance pays out an amount in the event of permanent disability or death of one or more of the passengers. In case of death an amount of €5,000 is paid and in case of permanent disability an amount of €15,000. It does not matter for the payment who is considered responsible for the damage. A payment is also made for the driver. Even if the driver himself can be blamed for the accident.

The passenger indemnity insurance offers a wider cover

The passenger indemnity insurance also pays out in the event of an accident to the passengers or the driver. The big difference is that it is not limited to a one-off payment and payment is not only made in case of injury. The passenger indemnity insurance also pays out for material damage caused by the accident. For example, possessions in a passenger's bag that are damaged. More important is the much broader coverage in case of injury. In case of permanent disability the insurer pays out the actual financial damage. This can run into hundreds of thousands of euros if the victim can no longer work.

Insure legal aid

In traffic, you can easily get into a legal dispute. In some cases, the insurer behind the old-timer insurance will take care of these costs, but not always. The legal assistance insurance also offers coverage if you have a dispute with your garage company about a repair.

Free 112 damage recovery service

For example, your parked old-timer is hit by a car. You can hold the person responsible liable for this. The insurer will arrange this for you if you have comprehensive insurance. If the old-timer has WA or WA limited casco insurance, the insurer will not recover the damage for you. You can call in 112schade.nl for this. They will arrange it for you and pass the bill on to the person who caused the damage.

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