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Accident insurance

Accident insurance is a frequently chosen supplementary cover for old-timer insurance. This insurance pays out an amount in the event of death or permanent disability of one or more passengers as a result of an accident with the insured old-timer. Payment is also made when it happens to the driver.

Similar to the damage to passengers insurance, this insurance pays out an amount in case of damage to the passengers as a result of one accident with the insured vintage car. It is, however, limited to a payment in case of death or permanent disability.

Under what conditions is the insured amount paid out?

The payment is independent of the question of fault. Nor does it wait until the damage is completely settled before payment is made. In the event of death, a payment of €5,000 is made. In the event of permanent disability, the victim is paid €15,000. In this case, the payment is not made until it has been established that the case is indeed one of permanent disability. This can take a long time.

Are you obliged to insure your passengers?

No, accident passenger insurance is not mandatory. However, if the driver of the vintage car is liable for the damage, the insurer of the vintage car can be held liable. If establishing the driver's liability is unsuccessful, no benefit will follow for the occupants either. In case the other party is liable, they can be sued for the damages. Liability is not considered for the benefit from the accident passenger insurance.

Is the accidental occupant insurance a must?

The accidental occupant insurance offers a much broader cover. In that respect, the accident passenger insurance is not the best choice, but it is the cheaper one. However, the difference in coverage is so great that the accident occupant insurance is highly recommended. This insurance pays for the actual damage in the event of invalidity instead of an allowance of €15,000. Material damage to the belongings of passengers and the driver can also be claimed on the passenger indemnity insurance.

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