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What about roadside assistance abroad?

Assistance after an accident is standard coverage on your car insurance policy. More and more insurers want to go a step further by also offering roadside assistance. Not only within the Netherlands, but also breakdown assistance abroad is increasingly offered by insurers.
With roadside assistance in the Netherlands, you are insured if you break down in the Netherlands. This insurance can be interesting if you rarely make long trips outside the Netherlands. If you regularly take your car across the border, you can opt for roadside assistance abroad instead of roadside assistance Netherlands.

When taking out roadside assistance insurance, be careful not to double insure yourself for roadside assistance. In fact, there is often a similar service for new cars from the car brand.
For many years, the roadside assistance was the only provider of roadside assistance. Nowadays, there are several providers, so prices have dropped tremendously.

Car breakdown abroad

Even if your car breaks down abroad, of course you want to be helped as quickly as possible. Allianz Assistance is ideal if you regularly travel by car. You can choose the areas for which you take out roadside assistance insurance. You can take out Allianz Global Assistance roadside assistance separately and it fits with any car insurance policy. Even if you have not taken out your car insurance through www.alpina.nl , it is possible to take out this roadside assistance insurance. You can take out Allianz Global Assistence up to 1 year in the future. The premium will then also only be collected in the future.

On the French motorway, if your car breaks down, you will be helped by salvagers. Only salvagers have the authority to help people. They take you to a garage where they check what the problem is and where the repair takes place. Along French motorways, there are talking points where you can call for help. When you call for help through such a pole, it is immediately clear to the emergency services where you are and you do not have to explain.

The premium amount for the module Car breakdown abroad is logically higher than when you only choose breakdown assistance within the Netherlands. The difference in premium is often relatively small. The insured area with worldwide breakdown assistance is much larger than when you only receive breakdown assistance in the Netherlands. So if you regularly drive your car abroad, worldwide breakdown cover is worth considering.

Car breakdown service abroad

With the Allianz Global Assistance roadside assistance insurance, you can count on fast and professional help wherever you want, all year round. This very complete roadside assistance insurance is already available from €2.49 per month.

You can also take out Allianz Global Assistance for motorbikes. This applies in the areas for which the breakdown cover has been taken out. This means that this is also possible abroad.

Allianz Global Assistance is the global market leader in assistance. They offer a very complete and professional service. They have their own emergency centres in 28 countries with thousands of employees and contracts with universal assistance services, rental companies and car companies. Allianz Global Assistance has its own fleet of replacement cars abroad. Most of the cars have a tow bar and, in the winter, they are equipped with winter tyres and a ski box so that you can be on your way again quickly.

Do you need help with the car breakdown assistance abroad module? We are happy to help! Please contact us. We are available from Monday to Friday from 08:00-18:00 on telephone number 088-6883700.

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