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What license do you need to drive a quad bike?

Quads come in many shapes and sizes. You may also need different driver's licenses for the different variants. Which license do you need for which quad?

For a quad bike, you are required to take out quad insurance. A condition for insurance coverage is that the driver is authorized to drive the quad. This sometimes requires some extra research, because some quads can be driven with a moped license, but other quads require a B or sometimes even a C driver's license. Find this out before driving the quad. Otherwise you run the risk of a fine, but in case of an accident, you have an even bigger problem. This is because quad insurance will not pay out if the driver was not an authorized driver during the accident.

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quad driving licence

A quad bike equals a moped

Of course, you need a moped license for such a quad bike. With that comes the requirements for the driver's license. Thus, the driver must be at least 16 years old. For driving the quad bike, wearing a helmet is mandatory.

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A three-wheeled quad bike. What driver's license do you need?

According to the website of the central government, for this quad you must be at least 18 years old and hold a B driver's license. The vehicle must have a license plate, but so must other quads.

Your quad has been approved as a car

If the vehicle is equated with a passenger car, the requirements that are common for a car also apply. Thus, you must have a B driver's license and also wear a seat belt while driving. A minimum age of 18 applies to this quad bike.

A quad bike can also be used as a company car

The same requirements apply to this quad bike as the vehicle approved as a passenger car. But there may be an additional requirement that you must hold a C driver's license.

What if the quad is not approved for public roads?

There are also quads that you may use only on private property, such as for working in the fields. These probably do not have license plates, and therefore are not allowed on public roads. Don't do that either, because in the event of an accident there is no insurer to bear the burden of debt.

Not all insurers provide quad insurance, but there are several parties that fortunately do offer such insurance. By entering your license plate number and answering a few questions, you can compare multiple quad insurance policies at

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