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What is a scooter frame number?

A scooter's frame number is also known as the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or chassis number. This number is affixed to the scooter by the manufacturer to give the vehicle a unique identity. Based on the frame number, the scooter can be identified. Thus, the scooter can be linked to the corresponding license plate number and, more importantly, the owner. Scooters are, in fact, a popular target for thieves. They remove the frame number so they can easily sell the scooter.

Are you planning to buy a scooter? Then always check the frame number carefully. If you drive a scooter without a frame number and are stopped by the police, they will always assume that the scooter has been stolen. You will then be suspected of receiving stolen goods. The scooter will be confiscated and you can be taken to the police station as a suspect. Of course you want to avoid that! Here you can read where the number can be on the scooter and how to check it.

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scooter frame number

Where is the frame number on a scooter?

We can't tell you exactly where the frame number is on your scooter. This is because it varies by type of scooter where it is placed. However, it is almost always punched into the frame. It may also be a frame-mounted plate. Look under the saddle or buddyseat of your scooter. Also, the number is always in the scooter's papers. Are you buying a used scooter? Then always check if the number in the papers matches the number on the scooter.

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Retrieve frame number of your scooter

Can't find the frame number anywhere on the scooter? Then you can contact the manufacturer of the scooter. They can tell you exactly where the frame number is on the type of scooter you have. You can also do an RDW license plate check to see exactly where the number is on your scooter. You do this by entering the registration number of your scooter. At 'Place chassis number' you will see where you can find this number on your vehicle. Your dealer or importer can also tell you this.

Scooter frame number check

Using the frame number, you can check if the scooter was stolen. Hijacking is taking, selling or trading something that someone else has obtained through a crime. This usually involves stolen goods. Did you know that you are also punishable if you buy stolen goods, when you could have known they were stolen? Therefore, always check if the scooter you have your eye on is registered as a stolen vehicle.

You can check the frame number at www.stopheling.nl or in the stopheling app. If you buy a scooter, you can also enter the moped's registration number on the RDW website. This will show you which frame number belongs to the scooter. Do the scooter specifications and frame number not match? Then report this to the police, the scooter is probably stolen.

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