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Semi-oldtimer insurance

Semi-oldtimer insurance is insurance for vehicles where the conditions of use are broader than those of "real" old-timer insurance.

Daily use allowed in case of semi-oldtimer insurance

In contrast to a 'real' old-timer insurance, with the semi-oldtimer insurance it is allowed to drive the old-timer daily. This means that commuting is allowed but also that you can bring your children to school or do some shopping with it.

Use up to 20,000 kilometres per year

There are two graduated rates for the semi-oldtimer insurance. You may drive up to 20,000 kilometres per year with the old-timer. This is much more than with the 'real' old-timer insurance where often a maximum of 5000 or 7500 kilometres per year may be driven.

First car not obligatory for semi-oliberal insurance

Another big difference is that with the semi-oldtimer insurance, no first car is obligatory. With the "real" old-timer insurance you have to have, besides your old-timer, another car for daily use at your disposal. This condition does not exist for the semi-oldtimer insurance.

No possibilities

At present, there is no company with whom we cooperate that has a semi-oldtimer insurance. In that case, we quote the regular rate for car insurance.

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