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What is the cost of a moped insurance?

Are you looking for insurance for your moped? Then you must be wondering what the costs of a moped insurance are exactly. As with most vehicle insurances, this depends on a number of factors.

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Is a moped insurance obligatory?

In the Netherlands, it is compulsory to take out a third-party motorbike insurance. This must be done as soon as the registration number is in your name. You are then insured against damage that you cause to others. The RDW checks at least once a year whether your motor cycle is insured. If it is not, you risk a fine. That would be a shame, because the average cost of a motorbike insurance policy is a lot lower than the €360,- fine.

Moped insurance costs

The cost of a motorbike insurance depends on a number of factors. Just as with a car insurance, your age, place of residence and the number of years without claims you have built up are taken into account. The more damage-free years you have, the lower the premium. In addition, the brand and year of construction of the motor cycle is also taken into consideration. This is how the insurer determines the catalogue value and the current value of the snifter. The catalogue value is what the bicycle cost when you bought it, the current value is what it is worth now. When calculating the costs of a motorbike insurance, the catalogue value is important. Insurers lose more money in case of damage to an expensive moped than to a cheaper moped. Therefore: the higher the catalogue value, the higher the premium.

Monthly costs motorbike insurance

The monthly costs of a motorbike insurance depend mainly on the coverage you choose. As you have already read, you are legally obliged to take out a WA-coverage in any case. This is the cheapest form of coverage. When you choose WA + Limited Comprehensive Vehicle insurance, you are also insured for broken windows and damage caused by fire, theft and storm. WA + Volledig Casco, also called all-risk insurance, is the most extensive coverage. You are also insured for damage caused by collisions, overturning, skidding and running off the road.

The average monthly cost of a motorbike insurance depends on the above-mentioned factors, but usually varies from a few euros to several tens of euros.

costs of moped insurance

How much does a moped insurance policy cost per year?

You can choose to pay the premium of your motorbike insurance per month or per year. If you pay per year, you are in general cheaper than when you pay per month. The height of the discount differs per insurer. Therefore, always compare different insurances to find the best option for you.

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Don't use your moped for a while? Save on the costs of your motorbike insurance

Are you planning not to use your moped for a while? Then you can choose to temporarily suspend it. The insurance will be stopped during this period. You will not pay any premium during this period. Suspending a moped costs €13.40 per year in 2024. You can lift the suspension free of charge when you want to use the moped again.

Questions about costs of motorbike insurance?

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