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Van insurance policy terms and conditions.

Nobody goes through the policy conditions for van insurance of their own free will. They are often boring and difficult to read. Yet they are important, but we understand that you do not go through them for pleasure. We would like to explain some of the important parts of the policy conditions.

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What is the excess in the van insurance?

The excess is a part of the damage that you have to pay for yourself. Not all insurance companies use an excess. If they do, it is often an amount up to €150. In case of a damage of €1.000 you will receive €850 based on a deductible of €150. Insurers apply an excess to discourage policyholders from claiming damages.

A higher excess for young drivers

Young drivers often pay a higher premium until they are 24 years old. Insurers do this because they cause more damage compared to older drivers. For some insurers, this is not enough. They also impose an additional excess in the policy conditions in case of damage caused by young drivers. Not all insurers do this.

Excess for windscreen damage

A different excess applies to damage to windshields. If replacement of the glass is not necessary, there is often no excess. The insurer may refer you to a specific glass repairer in your area. When replacing the windscreen, an excess often applies. The amount of the excess depends on where you go for the window replacement. Insurance companies may refer you to repairers with whom they have contracts.

The new-age insurance

For new or young delivery vans the new value scheme is interesting. If the delivery van is a total loss the damage is settled based on the new value of the delivery van. The new-for-old value settlement can apply for one to three years. After this period the daily value of the van will be assumed again in case of damage.

Purchase price regulation

This is similar to the new value scheme, but this scheme is aimed at used delivery vans. If this scheme is included in the van insurance according to the policy conditions, for a certain period the purchase value of the van will be used. Did you buy the van for €8,000? Then this value instead of the current market value will be temporarily used for the claim settlement.

Daily value of the van

The current market value is the value of the van immediately before the damage. This value takes into account the age of the van, but also its state of repair and, for example, the mileage. How well the van has been maintained is also taken into account.

Cancellation of van insurance

The car insurance has a standard term of one year. After the first year of insurance, the policy is renewed for another year. After the first year of insurance, the insurance can be cancelled daily. Some insurers use a notice period of one month. This is allowed. If the delivery van insurance is cancelled on 5 April, the insurer may terminate the insurance on 5 May. If the delivery van is sold, the insurance can be cancelled immediately. This is logical, as there is nothing left to insure. Even during the first year the insurance can be cancelled if the van is sold.

Damage control by the insurer

For damage repair, insurers use damage control. This means that you should preferably have the delivery van repaired at a repair company designated by the insurer. They steer damage by, for example, lowering the excess if you go to the affiliated repairer. This phenomenon is also seen in glass repair.

Driving with alcohol at the wheel

Insurers are strict in the case of damage where the driver was under the influence of alcohol. The insurer has the right to recover the amount of the damage from the person who caused it. In a liability case, the damage to the other party is compensated. The insurer can then send the drunk driver an invoice for the damage. This type of damage recovery can involve large sums of money.

Other exclusions

The policy conditions specify even more situations in which there is no cover. For example participating in speed races or renting out the van. The van insurance will also not provide cover for driving without a valid driving licence.


In the event of a collision abroad, you may have to face bail. In an extreme case, the van may be impounded. It is even possible that you will end up in prison yourself. The delivery van will be returned to you upon payment of a deposit. The insurer will take care of this. Also if a deposit is needed to get you out of jail again.

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