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When do you need a licence for a trailer?

Have you recently bought a trailer or are you planning to buy one? Then it is important that you have the correct driving license. Driving license B only allows you to drive a trailer under certain conditions. For example, the empty weight plus the payload of the car and the trailer together may not exceed 3500 kilos. But what if you have a heavier combination of car and trailer? And should you take out trailer insurance? We are happy to explain it to you.

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trailer driving licence

Trailer licence depending on maximum permitted weight

What license you need to drive your trailer depends on the maximum authorized mass. This is the empty weight plus the maximum payload. For example: your trailer has an authorized maximum mass of 750 kilos. The trailer itself weighs 200 kilos (the empty weight). That means the load can weigh 550 kilos (the payload). So it is not the actual weight of the trailer that matters, but the combination of the weight and the load being carried.

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Which trailer can I drive with only driving licence B?

If you have driver's license B, you may tow a trailer of:

  • Maximum 750 kg (empty weight + loading capacity)
  • More than 750 kg, provided the weight of the trailer and the car together does not exceed 3,500 (empty weight + loading capacity)

So how heavy the trailer can be also depends on the weight of the car you are driving. The paper registration certificate or the registration card often shows the weight you can tow with your vehicle.

When do I need a trailer licence (BE)?

Driving license BE allows you to tow a trailer of:

  • Maximum 3500 kg (empty weight + loading capacity)
  • Over 3500 kg, under certain conditions

Note: Did you get your BE driver's license before January 19, 2013? Then different rules apply to you. You may use any trailer, with no limit on the empty weight + payload. You just need to make sure that the tow bar on your car can handle the maximum weight. The rules for driver's license BE changed in 2013, which is why different rules apply for people who obtained the license before this date.

What are the requirements for a trailer driving licence?

To get driver's license E, you must already hold driver's license B. In addition, you must be at least 18 years old. You must also pass the practical exam from the CBR, but you do not have to take another theory exam.

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You are not required to have trailer insurance, but it is sometimes wise. If you cause damage to another person or someone else's property with your trailer, it will be covered by your third-party vehicle insurance. However, if you also have damage to your trailer yourself, this will not be covered. You have to take out a separate trailer insurance. With our handy online comparer, you can easily compare different trailer insurance policies. This way you can immediately see what you will spend per month on the premium. After comparing, you can take out the insurance directly online.

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