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How do I calculate the premium of an AOV insurance?

An AOV insurance, also called disability insurance, ensures that you have an income when you become disabled. When you become disabled, you cannot work for a long time. Therefore you miss income, while your fixed costs will continue. With an AOV insurance you do not have to worry about this as an entrepreneur.

Before you take out an AOV insurance, you want to know what the premium will be. The costs for an AOV insurance consist of a number of factors:

  • Your profession
  • Your age
  • The amount you insure
  • The own risk
  • The duration of the benefit

Calculate the premium of an AOV insurance? At you can request a no-obligation quote!

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Calculate the premium of your AOV insurance in 4 steps

On you can request a quote for an AOV insurance in 4 steps. This way you already have an insight into what you will pay in premium later on. Calculating the premium goes as follows:

Request an offer for an AOV insurance directly!

Step 1: Fill in some personal details

To calculate the premium for an AOV insurance we need some information from you, such as your date of birth and profession. These factors influence the amount of the premium. An insurer mainly looks at how risky your profession is. As a construction worker, you will therefore pay a higher premium than an accountant, because the chance of an accident in such a job is greater. As a construction worker, you often perform heavy physical labour. Moreover, on a construction site you work with large machines and heavy materials. The insurer takes this into account when calculating the premium.

Step 2: Choose the insured income

Step 2 is to choose the amount of income insured. This concerns the percentage of your income that you want to insure. You can choose this yourself. Ask yourself what amount you need to cover your fixed expenses. Often an AOV is based on 80% of your income, but if you think you can live with less, you can also lower this percentage. The lower the percentage, the lower the premium. With some insurers it is possible to insure 90% of your income for the first year.

Step 3: Choose the number of waiting days and the final age

An AOV insurance has a waiting period. The waiting period is the period during which you are already incapacitated for work, but you do not receive any benefit yet. You can determine the waiting period yourself. You have to consider how long you can do without benefits when you become disabled. Do you have a savings pot in reserve for such a situation? If so, you may be able to increase the waiting period. You can opt for a waiting period of two weeks, but also of two months or longer. In that case you will only receive a benefit after two months of incapacity for work. The longer the waiting period, the lower the premium.

In this step you also choose the final age. You determine yourself how long or until what age you want the benefits to continue. Many people have their AOV continue until they receive AOW, but you can also choose a lower end age. This has influence on the premium. The lower the final age, the lower the premium.

Step 4: Compare providers and take out your AOV insurance

Finished filling in the form? Then you can send the request for a quotation immediately. You will receive an accurate quote from us within a few working days. You can then compare the offers yourself. We advise you to not only pay attention to the amount of the premium, but also to the coverage and the conditions of the insurance. This way you can be sure that you are well insured in case of incapacity for work.

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Request an offer for an AOV insurance directly!

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