Budget Day 2023 government building

Budget Day 2023: What will change for you?

On Prinsjesdag, traditionally the third Tuesday of September, the Dutch government announces its plans...

Alpina Realty office as of Sept. 13

16 brokerage offices continue as Alpina as of Sept. 13

As of Sept. 13, 2023, the brands Boers Makelaars, De Leeuw Makelaardij, Heilbron Makelaardij,...

Teens overconfident safe payment

RegioBank survey: teens overconfident about secure payments and online payment fraud

76% of young people say they know what to look for...

Brokerage staff

Alpina brings existing brokerage firms under one brand name

As of September 2023, the Boers Makelaars, De Leeuw Makelaardij, Heilbron Makelaardij, Mulder...

tele-interpreter at work

Alpina makes financial advice accessible to deaf, hard of hearing and speech- and language-impaired people

Alpina, as the first financial services provider in the Netherlands, makes financial advice accessible to the deaf, hard of hearing...

Budget Day 2022 case

The complete guide to Budget Day 2022: Measures for businesses in the Netherlands

The government has been criticized for not taking concrete measures to address the current...

Logo Alpina Financially Sure

Alpina Group launches new customer brand Alpina

Press Release - 01-10-2022 Diks Insurance becomes the first Alpina on Oct. 1 to become Alpina Group,...

RDW license plate inspection car on the road

RDW makes license plate inspection easier

The RDW has made it easier to retrieve vehicle history up to 9 years back from...

Event insurance party

Ensure safety at events with event insurance

Events can be a great way to build relationships with customers and...

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