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Get group health insurance for your employees

Health is important to you and your employees. Good care when needed is just as important.

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"Comparing insurance almost always pays off. Premiums may have increased or your personal situation may have changed. That's why we recommend comparing your insurance every year."

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All about group health insurance

Health is important to you and your employees. Good care when needed is just as important.

Through group health insurance, your employees benefit from good care at competitive premiums. And the great thing is; this costs you nothing. It is a nice gesture from you to your employees. Would you like to make use of collective health insurance? We will gladly advise you!

We negotiate with almost all health insurance companies. This allows us to offer the best fitting health insurance for your company and employees.

In addition, we help you with waiting list mediation and care administration. Your employee can compile his or her own health insurance, taking advantage of your discounts. We set up a handy healthcare comparer, completely in your house style.

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