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You take out collective accident insurance for your employees. This allows you to provide them with financial assistance after an accident.

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All about group accident insurance

Your employees may be involved in accidents. This can happen at your company, but also on the road. You can take out collective accident insurance for your employees. This way you can financially support them after an accident.

For example, you can use the compensation to contribute to rehabilitation or, in the worst case scenario, financially assist the next of kin in the event of your employee's death. You can take out accident insurance for the entire company, but also for a fixed group (of at least 5) of employees.

With the right coverage, you can also be reimbursed for the cost of recruiting a replacement employee or retraining.

Who is insured?
  • Your employees
  • On-call workers
  • Trainees
  • Temporary Workers
What is insured?
  • lump sum benefit in the event of death and/or permanent disability from common accidents
What is not insured?
  • For permanent disability that already existed when the employee entered the workforce
  • In case of accident caused by medicines, alcohol and drugs
  • in case of suicide attempt
  • In case of accident caused by deception, fraud or willful intent
  • In case of accident caused by atomic reaction or terrorism

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