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day of privacy

Privacy Day: How aware are you of your digital trail?

Shopping. Grocery shopping. Doing banking. Booking vacations. Looking up information. These days we can do almost anything....

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Carefree vacation? Consider continuous cancellation insurance!

January and February are the months every year when most vacations are...

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clean up your desk

'Clean up your desk' day: 5 tips for a tidy desk!

For many people, today is the first day of work or school after the Christmas break....

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good intentions

Keeping your good intentions: this year for real!

Exercising more often. Eating healthier. Drinking less. Spending more time offline. Do you also make every...

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check car insurance

Does your current insurance still fit your car?

Personal situations change. Therefore, your auto insurance coverage may not...

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helmet requirement moped

From Jan. 1, 2023, helmet requirement for moped riders

As of Jan. 1, 2023, it is required by law to wear a helmet on...

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rdw registration number

RDW makes license plate inspection easier

The RDW has made it easier to retrieve vehicle history up to 9 years back from...

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errors lock

The 5 most common mistakes in a lock

On a beautiful, sunny day, it is great to be on the water. The last few...

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motor home or caravan in front of the door

How long can a caravan or motor home be parked in front of the door?

The camping season is approaching! That means that the motorhomes and caravans are...

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