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All about fleet insurance

Insure your fleet insurance? A business fleet full of cars, vans or trucks is obviously very expensive. Therefore, it is of great value to insure your fleet.

This way you have all your commercial vehicles insured at once. Alpina helps you compare between insurance companies and helps you choose. This way, you immediately get a good overview of which fleet insurance is best for you.

By comparing insurance policies, you can save up to hundreds of dollars.

Can I insure my fleet of vehicles?

Closing your fleet and commercial vehicles in one fell swoop sounds very good, of course. Especially if you can do this online as well. Every fleet insurance policy does require a minimum amount of business vehicles. If you have less than the required number of vehicles, you can still find the cheapest options by comparing business auto insurance, commercial vehicle insurance, van insurance and truck insurance. By using our handy online comparison tool, you can determine your requirements and get an overview of what it will cost per insurer. Basic insurance is the normal third-party insurance with minimum coverage that is mandatory for everyone. You can expand your normal third-party insurance for your fleet with hull or additional insurance. Not sure which coverage to choose for your fleet? Chat, call or email easily with one of our insurance advisors. They will be happy to help you!

What is fleet insurance?

Fleet insurance is insurance for your business vehicle fleet. Fleet insurance includes the minimum mandatory Third Party Liability cover, but you can extend it to suit your needs and usage pattern.

How can I compare my fleet insurance?

Because taking out third-party insurance for your motor vehicles is mandatory, you may see it as a big expense if you own many commercial vehicles. Therefore, fleet insurance is perfect for those businesses in logistics, as well as businesses where you have many vehicles and want to keep less administration for your commercial vehicles. Because every fleet of vehicles is different, you want insurance that fits your business perfectly. Therefore, on Alpina we offer the possibility to compare multiple insurers. This way you will always find the right and cheapest insurance that best suits your fleet and commercial vehicles.

Even if you already have business vehicles with individual insurances, it can be interesting to compare. You often receive a discount on taking out fleet insurance because you insure all your company vehicles at once with one party. So you may pay more premiums for individual insurances together. We are happy to help you with your fleet insurance.

Fleet insurance rental

Are you in the car hire business? Then you must ensure that your cars are insured at least against third-party liability. This applies not only to the rental of normal passenger cars, but also to, for example, delivery vans, wedding cars, old-timers, campers and motorbikes. You can also take out fleet insurance for rental cars. With rental cars the risk of damage is greater, because the cars are always used by other people. Therefore the insurer always looks at the damage history of the past years. Based on this, and a number of other factors, the amount of the premium is determined. Some insurers do not offer coverage when the fleet is rented out. You can always find this in the policy conditions.

Calculate fleet insurance

At, you can easily calculate your fleet insurance premium. The premium is calculated based on the following factors:

  • The size of your fleet
  • The types of cars in your fleet
  • The claims history of recent years
  • The use of the cars
  • Any supplementary insurances
  • Preventive measures for damage and theft

Corporate fleet insurance

If your company uses a fleet of vehicles, you obviously don't want to have to buy car insurance for each car separately. That's why the business fleet insurance exists. This allows you to insure all your company cars against damage in one go. There is a minimum number of cars, but this number varies between insurers. No fleet is the same, of course, which is why it's about customized insurance. Maybe you have 5 company cars, or maybe more than 100. It can be rental cars, but also ambulances or garbage trucks. At you can insure any fleet of vehicles.

Types of fleet insurance coverage

Fleet insurance always includes standard Third Party Motor Liability (WAM) insurance for all your commercial vehicles. Should you find this insufficient, you can extend your insurance with limited hull or full hull coverage.

Third-party insurance

Is the least covered insurance. Only the damage you cause to other vehicles and/or persons with your car is compensated. Damage to your own car is not compensated with this insurance.

Third party insurance + limited casco (WA plus)

This covers fire, hail, storm, theft and windshield damage in addition to ordinary third-party insurance. Damage to your car caused by you is not covered.

Third-party insurance + full body (all-risk)

Reimburses everything covered by the third-party limited collision insurance plus damage to your own car (even if the damage is self-inflicted).

Third-party insurance + hull stop-loss

This reimburses damage from a damage deposit into which you have paid an amount. This is only interesting for large fleets. You can then take on the higher cost of damage for your own account and purchase this risk from an insurer.

Frequently asked questions about fleet insurance

Who is fleet insurance for?

Fleet insurance is for every company with several company cars. This is also called a fleet. The fleet of a moving company is different from that of a taxi company. Also, one fleet runs a higher risk of damage than another, so fleet insurance is tailor-made.

Why take out fleet insurance?

Taking out third-party insurance for your commercial vehicles is, of course, compulsory. Therefore, it is of great value to insure your fleet. With a fleet insurance, you have all your company cars insured at once. You also have less administration, because all your company cars are on one policy.

Which commercial vehicles can I insure with fleet insurance?

You can take out fleet insurance for passenger cars, delivery vans and trucks, but also motor homes, old-timers and motorbikes. It does not matter whether they are wedding cars, rubbish trucks, trailers or ambulances.

What does fleet insurance cost?

Fleets are all different, so fleet insurance should always be tailored to your situation. The cost of fleet insurance depends on the following factors, among others:

  • The size of your fleet
  • The types of cars in your fleet
  • The claims history of recent years
  • The use of the cars
  • Any supplementary insurances
  • Preventive measures for damage and theft

Additional insurance with fleet insurance?

If you do not consider your third-party insurance sufficient, you can also choose additional insurances that suit your business. Additional insurances for fleet insurance may include the following:

  • Legal expenses insurance. This insurance provides legal assistance in the event of a traffic conflict. It may happen that an accident has to appear in court if there is uncertainty about which party is at fault. This additional insurance is divided into legal aid for recovery and legal aid for traffic.
  • Damage/carry-over insurance. If there is physical and/or material damage after an accident, the damage is covered. This is usually up to one million euros. The actual damage suffered is reimbursed.
  • Accident insurance for passengers. If the driver or passengers are injured in an accident, medical expenses are reimbursed. A predetermined amount is paid out in the event of accidents resulting in disability and/or death.
  • Instruments and equipment insurance. If you use expensive equipment or tools for your business and transport them in your company cars, you can also insure them against damage or theft.
  • And many other possibilities to be additionally insured.

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