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Accident insurance for a zzper

An accident in the workplace is in a small corner. A zzp accident insurance covers damages that occur during an accident.

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All about accident insurance for a self-employed person

Protect yourself, your family or staff with accident insurance for a self-employed worker.

An accident in the workplace is in a small corner. Accident insurance covers damages that occur during an accident. This could include: injury, disability or death. There are several insurances suitable for self-employed workers. This does not make the choice any easier.

We are happy to help and list the different choices for you.

Which accident insurances are there for the self-employed?

Are you a self-employed person? Then you have a choice of three different insurances that protect you against damage caused by an accident. The different insurances are:

  • Occupational disability insurance for self-employed entrepreneurs.
  • A personal accident insurance for your private situation.
  • A workplace accident insurance for your staff.

Which accident insurance for self-employed workers best suits your situation? Of course, that depends in part on what you want to insure. The specialists at Alpina.nl will be happy to explain the differences between the insurances.

Personal accident insurance for your private situation

If you take out personal accident insurance, you are insured for an amount of money after an accident. You will receive a certain amount if you become permanently disabled and your surviving relatives will receive an amount if you die in an accident. Did you know that you can insure accidents inside your house, but also outside. For example on the schoolyard, during sports or in traffic. Of course it is also possible to insure the entire family. Here it is entirely up to you who you insure and for what amount you insure. With a personal accident insurance you do not have an own risk.

When does the personal accident insurance pay out?

The insurance compensates a fixed amount or percentage in case of permanent disability of your head, organs, arms and legs. It does not matter whether the accident took place at home or outside.

Workplace accident insurance for your staff

Some people mistake the abbreviation zzp for self-employed entrepreneur. Are you an independent entrepreneur with staff? Then you are responsible for your staff. Workplace accident insurance compensates for accidents during or en route to work that result in disability or death.

As an employer, you choose the amount of money your employee receives:

  • You base the amount on the salary;
  • Or you can choose a fixed amount.

It is good to know that a work accident insurance provides cover for salaried staff, temporary staff and trainees. It does not matter who caused the accident.

When does industrial accidents insurance pay out for your staff?

An employee who has become disabled for work is paid between 12.5 and 100% of the average gross salary. This percentage depends on the number of hours that your employee can still work.

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Disability insurance for self-employed workers

As a self-employed entrepreneur, with an occupational disability insurance you will usually not receive any benefit from the UWV. You are in fact responsible yourself for a financial safety net. A disability insurance is therefore an important insurance to consider. If you become ill or suffer an accident, you will receive a monthly amount through your disability insurance and you will not run out of money.

When does the disability insurance for self-employed persons pay out?

If you are unable to work due to illness, pregnancy or an accident. Then the insurance will pay 100% of your gross annual income the first year and 80% in the following years.

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