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Taking the boat trailer on holiday: what do I need to watch out for?

Taking the boat on holiday to sun-drenched destinations in countries such as Spain or Italy? Or would you rather visit the beautiful nature that our Dutch lakes have to offer? Many water sports enthusiasts enjoy sailing during the summer months. They hook the boat trailer behind the car and go on their way. But what exactly should you think about when you go on holiday with the boat trailer?

boat trailer what to look out for

Sailing in the Netherlands?

People often choose to launch the boat from the trailer somewhere in the Netherlands. In our country, there are almost 1000 designated trailer ramps where water sports enthusiasts can do this. An overview can be found on Trailerhelling.com. Here you will find the exact locations of the slipways, photos, reviews and other facilities around the slipway. In short, this can serve as an aid if you want to discover a new area in the Netherlands with your boat and don't know where you can put it in the water.

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Sailing abroad?

Many European countries have made it compulsory for boat owners to take out boat insurance (at least third-party liability). In these countries, the boat owner has to be able to prove that the boat is actually insured. In addition, the skipper of the boat often needs an international sailing licence, even for a boat for which no licence is required in the Netherlands. It is also likely that you will need other documents abroad, such as the proof of ownership. For this you will need an International Certificate for Pleasure Craft (ICP) in most countries.

Boat Trailer Insurance

The third-party insurance of your boat trailer always falls under the coverage of the car that is towing the trailer. Have you taken out a minimal WA + Limited Casco boat insurance? Then you can also choose to insure your boat trailer on the same coverage.

Boat Trailer Security

Is the boat on a trailer? Then of course the boat and the trailer should be properly secured. The boat itself must also be coupled to the trailer with an approved lock. The trailer itself must also be secured with an approved wheel clamp or coupling lock. This is also the case if you make a short stop en route to your destination.

After you have put the boat in the water, it is therefore also important to secure the trailer. Insurers also find it important that the boat trailer is left in a safe place. The specific guidelines that apply here differ per insurer, and can be found in the relevant policy conditions.

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