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Why do I have to have a moped tested?

A moped must always comply with the rules for driving on public roads. To this end, the technical condition of the vehicle, for example, is examined. To determine whether a moped satisfies these rules, it has to be inspected. If the moped is not approved, you are not allowed to drive on public roads. You must also always take out moped insurance. We will tell you everything you need to know about moped inspections.

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moped inspection

When do I have to have a moped tested?

There are a number of situations in which you should have your moped inspected:

  • If your moped does not yet have a registration number
  • If you import a moped from abroad
  • If you have had a collision with damage
  • If the police find, during a check-up on the road, that your moped has technical defects

In the latter case, the RDW can register a 'ban on riding on public roads' in the vehicle registration certificate. They also do this if the moped deviates from the details on the registration certificate. Only when you have had the moped tested will the ban be lifted and you will be allowed to ride on public roads again.

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Where do I have to have my moped tested?

You can have your moped tested at an RDW testing station. To do this, you must make an appointment online in advance. If it concerns a damage inspection, you can drive on the public roads with your moped on the day of the inspection appointment. This only applies to the route from your home to the inspection station. If you are having your moped inspected because it does not yet have a registration number, you can apply for a one-day licence plate. This will allow you to drive your moped to the testing station on the day of the test.

What do they look for during the inspection?

During the inspection, the RDW checks whether your moped complies with the rules for driving on the public highway. These are requirements that are set for, among other things, road safety and environmental aspects. The technical condition of the moped is also checked. In this way, the RDW ensures that all motor vehicles on the road meet the safety requirements.


Testing a moped without papers: is that possible?

During the inspection, the year of manufacture or the date on which the moped was first used is determined. If this is not possible on the basis of the moped, you must be able to prove the year of manufacture with additional documents. This can be an invoice for the moped or a guarantee certificate, for example. In principle you can also have your moped tested without papers, as long as the moped meets all the legal requirements. However, inspection is quicker with documents.

What does it cost to have a moped inspected?

The RDW charges the following costs for the inspection:

Description Costs
Vehicle damage inspection light €43,00
Reissue/activation KB vehicle light €64,00

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