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How do I insure my moped?

If you have just bought a nice moped, you will want to insure it properly! When insuring a moped, there are a number of things to consider. It is important that you do not just buy the first insurance, but that you compare different providers beforehand. You can compose your moped insurance completely by yourself. Moreover, you can choose from different coverages. The most important thing, of course, is that you will soon be properly insured on the road. On Alpina.nl you can read all about insuring your moped.

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Moped insurance

What do I need to insure a moped?

To insure a moped, you need the registration number. You can enter the registration number in our online comparison tool. With this information we can already determine a number of details about the moped. You do not need to have these details at hand. Next, you have to fill in some personal details and the comparison can begin. You are obliged to take out at least a third-party insurance for your moped. With WA-moped insurance, you are insured for damage you cause to others. Even if you are not going to drive with it, you have to make sure that the moped is insured. Without WA insurance, you are not allowed to drive on public roads.

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What do I need to consider when insuring a moped?

There is a wide range of moped insurers. This sometimes makes it very difficult to make a choice. Nevertheless, there can be great differences between moped insurances. That is why there are a number of things you can pay attention to when insuring a moped.

  1. Choose the right coverage

You cannot compare a WA moped insurance from one insurer with a WA + Theft, Fire and Collision (All Risk) from another. Therefore, think well in advance about the coverage you want to take out. It will be easier to compare them later on.

  1. Don't just look at the price, but also read the policy conditions

Of course you would like to save on the costs of a moped insurance. However, if you want to insure your moped properly, it is also important to look at the policy conditions of the insurer. Then you will know exactly when you are covered and when you are not. This way, you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises.

Can I insure a delivery moped?

Insuring a delivery moped can sometimes be tricky. Many insurance companies do not want to insure a delivery moped. This is because of the bad image that many delivery moped drivers have. Driving way too fast and not paying attention are two of the most common complaints. Fortunately, you can get delivery moped insurance at Alpina.nl . This is moped insurance with third-party coverage. When taking out the insurance, you can choose between two types of use: 'Delivery of meals' or 'Other delivery services'. Both have a fixed premium and a deductible in case of damage.

Take out moped insurance? Calculate your premium!




Cheap moped insurance? Compare now!

At Alpina.nl , we have moped insurance for every wallet. To find the cheapest moped insurance, you must first compare the offers of insurers. This way you will find the best coverage at the lowest price. We have made comparing moped insurance very easy. You only need to fill in the moped's registration number and some personal details. Then you will get an overview of all insurance policies that meet your needs. You can easily compare by price, but also by content.

Can I insure a switchblade moped?

Gearboxes have been around longer than scooters. They originated as a simple bicycle with a motor attached to it. Nowadays, most mopeds no longer have a manual gearshift. Nevertheless, there are still shifting mopeds for sale, for those who prefer to keep more control and like to change gears themselves. You can also insure your switchblade moped with us. As soon as you enter the registration number, we can find out what type of vehicle you have. The insurance and the premium are then based on this information.

Can I insure a Hanway moped?

Do you have a beautiful Hanway moped? Then of course you should not think about it being damaged or stolen. With a good moped insurance you are always insured in case of damage or accident. Based on the license plate, we can already find out some information about the moped, such as the brand. For every brand of moped, we have a suitable moped insurance at Alpina.

Can I insure an electric moped?

Do you have an electric moped? Then you are probably looking for a good moped insurance. An electric moped has many advantages compared to a petrol moped. It makes no noise, does not smell and is often cheaper to use than a moped on petrol. However, just like with a petrol moped, you are obliged to take out at least a WA moped insurance. Electric mopeds are fairly new and therefore look modern. This makes them attractive to thieves. You can therefore consider including theft in your moped insurance.

Can I insure a moped without a driving licence?

Perhaps you do not have a driving licence yet, but you have already bought a moped, for example because you came across a good deal. You can also take out moped insurance without a driving licence, but not with every insurer. Of course you are not allowed to drive a m oped without a driving licence . With our online comparison tool, you can find out from which insurers you can take out moped insurance without a driving licence.

Moped insurance in parents' name: sensible or not?

Moped insurance is much more expensive for young people. That is why many parents consider taking out moped insurance in their name, while their child is actually driving the moped. This seems like an attractive way to save on the premium, but it is not a sensible solution. An insurer always asks for the regular driver of the moped. If this is a younger person, the insurer will still charge a higher premium for the moped insurance. If you do not answer this question truthfully and declare yourself as a regular driver, you commit insurance fraud. This can have major consequences for your (future) insurance.

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