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Which mopeds can I ride without a licence?

No driver's license but want to ride a moped? Unfortunately, you can't. In the Netherlands, you need a license to drive a motor vehicle. You don't necessarily need a license to buy a moped, but you do need one to ride one. If you do ride a moped without a license, you risk a hefty fine. Moreover, in case of damage, all costs are your own responsibility and you run the risk of the insurer terminating your moped insurance.

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moped without a licence

What are the consequences of driving without a licence?

Riding a moped while you don't have a license can have unpleasant consequences. For example, you risk a €250 fine. You are also uninsured, even if you have moped insurance. Insurers usually do not cover you if you cause damage while driving without a license. Therefore, you will be responsible for all damage costs. Collision damage can be extensive, but if personal injury occurs, the financial consequences can be severe. The police crack down on these types of violations for good reason. Many people do not appreciate the danger and do not realize how much damage they can cause.

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Driving licence and moped insurance are compulsory

Both a driver's license and moped insurance are required if you want to ride a moped. In the Netherlands, you are required by law to have at least a third-party moped insurance. This insures you for damage you cause to another person with your moped. Driving a moped without insurance also has financial consequences. The fine for riding without moped insurance is €420.

You can also get moped insurance without a driver's license. Not all insurance companies accept someone without a driver's license, but some do. With our online comparison tool you can quickly find out with which insurance company you can still get moped insurance. Please note that without a license, you are NOT allowed to ride a moped, even if you do have moped insurance.

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Without a driver's license, there are often only a few insurers where you can get moped insurance. No insurer offers coverage if you ride a moped without a license, but some allow you to just take out moped insurance. With our handy online comparison tool, you can compare different insurers to find one you want to insure without a license. You'll see different premiums and can quickly find the moped insurance that suits your situation.

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