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Is a souped-up moped insured?

A handy mechanic can easily tune up a moped. But did you know that a tuned up moped is not insured on the moped insurance? Moped drivers are mainly afraid of getting a fine, but the really big problems arise when there is an accident with the moped.

It is not without reason that a maximum speed of 45 kilometres per hour or less applies to mopeds and scooters. This was devised to promote traffic safety. The construction of these vehicles is not intended for much higher speeds. Adjusting the maximum speed is therefore also simply dangerous.

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souped-up moped

Will the insurer pay for damage caused by a souped-up moped?

The insurer provides cover for damage caused by liability to others. Depending on the cover chosen, the insurer may also offer cover against damage to the moped itself. For the moped insurance, the insurer assumes the maximum speed that legally applies to the vehicle. By tuning up, there is a higher chance of damage and in case of damage, the average damage amount will also be higher. The moped insurance offers no cover if it turns out to be a souped-up moped.

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The insurer does not pay out! What to do now?

In the event of a collision with a car, the damage is likely to be limited to eye damage and damage to the moped itself. Non-payment of moped insurance only becomes a problem when personal injury is caused by the moped. A collision with a pedestrian can cost hundreds of thousands of euros. Just imagine that the injured party can never work again and has to completely adapt the house to a disability. If the insurer does not pay out, you will have to pay for the damage yourself. Don't have the money? Then the claim will follow you. As soon as you have the money, you pay the damages.


The moped insurance might pay out anyway

WA moped insurance is compulsory. This obligation was introduced in order to offer victims the guarantee that they will be compensated for damage caused by a motor vehicle. The insurer of the moped insurance is obliged to compensate damage caused by liability. However, in the case of a souped-up moped, the insurer has the option of recovering the damage paid from the person who caused the damage with the souped-up moped. For example, the insurer pays the victim €50,000 and then recovers this amount from the owner of the souped-up moped.

Do not take unnecessary risks and do not drive around on a souped-up moped. One small steering error can earn you a claim for which you will have to pay for life.

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