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All-risk home insurance

Building insurance or home insurance insures your real estate. That is, the land, including all things in it or on it that are earth or nail resistant.

Home insurance coverage

What does all-risk buildings insurance cover?

When you take out home insurance, there are various possible coverages. What you will receive in case of damage is determined by the coverage you choose. This makes it important to find out which cover suits you and your home best.

There are several coverages within home insurance that you will often come across. The most extensive is the all-risk home insurance. With this, the most common damages are insured. You are then insured for damages such as an explosion, fire, lightning strike and falling trees. The costs of preventing further damage or cleaning up damage are often also covered. When you have an all-risk home insurance, these costs are in most cases reimbursed up to a maximum amount. In addition, this insurance also covers damage caused by sudden unforeseen events. Even if you accidentally damage the building yourself. Furthermore, storm damage (from wind force 7), water damage, theft and burglary damage are covered. Even if nothing has been stolen and there is only damage by breaking and entering.

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What does the all-risk building insurance not cover? - Exclusions

There are a number of causes of damage for which an all-risk building insurance does not provide coverage. These causes of damage are explicitly mentioned in the policy conditions. For example, damage caused as a result of intent or recklessness on the part of the policyholder.

In addition to these damages, there are a number of exclusions for which all-risk home insurance never provides coverage. Examples are damages as a result of a (natural) disaster/catastrophe such as flooding or an earthquake.

Home insurance cover

The building insurance usually includes 4 types of coverage:

  • Fire cover. This is the most limited insurance.
  • Comprehensive cover (UGV).
  • The UGV+.
  • The all-risk cover. This is the most comprehensive cover.

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