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What exactly is the coverage of a building insurance?

When orienting yourself on home insurance, you will notice that there are different possible coverages. The coverage determines what you will receive in case of damage, so it is an important factor. The exact coverage is also important when making a choice: only then can you select the coverage that suits your needs and wishes.

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What exactly is a building insurance?

Building insurance (or home insurance) insures your property. The immovable property of your home. This insurance is not compulsory by law, but the bank will make it compulsory when you have borrowed money to buy your house.

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What does the building insurance cover?

For buildings, there are four coverages you will often encounter, namely:
- the fire coverage
- extended comprehensive cover (often abbreviated to UGV)
- extended indemnity cover plus (UGV+)
- all-risk coverage (often called most comprehensive)

Through Alpina (a also most other intermediaries), fire coverage and UGV coverage are not available. Simply because we don't want you to face any surprises in case of damage.

With the UGV+ cover, there is coverage for all occurrences, which are mentioned in the policy values. With all-risk cover, all incidents are covered unless they are excluded in the terms and conditions. There can be great differences here.

It is therefore important to carefully examine the policy conditions, as the exact coverage may differ per insurer. The most common damages (such as explosion, fire, lightning strike, falling trees) are insured under both the UGV+ and the all-risk cover.

Often, the costs of preventing further damage are also covered, as well as the costs of cleaning up damage. These are often reimbursed up to a maximum amount.

What does the building insurance not cover?

The insurer always states in the policy conditions what is not insured. Examples are damages as a result of a (natural) disaster/catastrophe or as a result of intent or recklessness of the policyholder. The windows of the house are often not insured as standard, but can be insured separately. It is possible to take out glass insurance as additional coverage or as an extension of your building insurance.

How do I make sure I am adequately insured?

There is underinsurance when the actual reinstatement value of your home is higher than the value you have insured. This can cause problems in case of damage.

With many insurers you can insure yourself against underinsurance. Often you have to fill in the reinstatement value meter at predetermined moments. These moments can differ per insurer.

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