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What is the meaning of building insurance?

Home insurance is probably not the first thing you think about when you buy a house. And yet it is one of the most important insurances to take out. After all, a home is a major investment. Perhaps the biggest expense you will ever make in your life. And big investments come with risks...

When fire breaks out, for example, this investment can suddenly be wiped out. As if that were not bad enough, the cost of rebuilding can be high. Often you can't pay for it right away. That's why we have buildings insurance: it covers the reinstatement value of your home.

What are the advantages of building insurance?

Taking out a building insurance policy has several advantages. We will explain them below.


Building insurance gives you security. Does something go wrong with your home? Then the costs for you personally will not be too high.

Building insurance

Wide coverage

With a building insurance, more is insured than just the foundation of your home. It also insures certain items in your home. However, these items have to be objects that you cannot just pick up and take with you. A detached cupboard is not covered by your building insurance, but your kitchen usually is. Would you like to insure your freestanding items? Check out the possibilities with our home contents insurance.

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Building insurance does not have to be expensive. Especially when compared to the actual costs of rebuilding your home. For this reason, it is certainly worthwhile to take out buildings insurance.

When to take out building insurance?

If you have bought a house, it is always wise to take out buildings insurance. You don't want something to happen and then have to bear the full cost of rebuilding.

Take out your home insurance with Alpina: simple and affordable

Don't have building insurance yet? Then simply take it out at Alpina. At Alpina you always get the most complete insurance at the most advantageous price. Do you have questions about our home insurance or other insurances? Please feel free to contact us. Our customer service will be happy to help and advise you.

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