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Costs of thatched roof insurance

What is a building insurance?

Property insurance is probably one of the most important insurance policies to purchase when you own a home.

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All about building insurance

Property insurance is probably one of the most important insurance policies to purchase when you own a home. Imagine your home burns down completely. What now? You are without a home and do not have the financial resources to rebuild it. For this reason, among others, you would be wise to take out buildings insurance.

This is because this insurance covers the rebuilding value when damage occurs to your home; including fire damage (if not your fault) damage from storms or flooding, for example. Since damage from such events can be extensive, building insurance is considered a "wise investment.

Take out a building insurance as a VVE

Do you live in an apartment complex? Then you probably have to deal with an Owners' Association (VVE). This association takes care of the maintenance of the building, for example. Each resident must release a certain amount of money for this.

Often the VVE also arranges the building insurance for the apartments. Everyone is then insured for the same basic amount. You do not have to arrange this yourself. If you need more insurance, you can have the remaining amount insured yourself (the additional building insurance).

Cheaper with VVE

Property insurance through the VVE can be cheaper than individual insurance. Insurers often give discounts for collective insurances.

Flat clause

It is always a good idea to have a flat clause included in your policy. This clause ensures that compensation is paid, even if the damage is caused by another occupant. Does a fire start in the flat next door through the occupant's own fault? Then you need a flat clause to be covered for this damage.

Frequently asked questions about building insurance

Is it a good idea to take out buildings insurance for your business premises?

Do you own your own commercial property? Then it is definitely a good idea to take out building insurance. After all, depending on your activities, anything can happen to your premises. For example, damage can occur due to defects in machines that are there. Damage can also occur due to external influences. Consider, for example, storm damage that causes your roof to break or walls to be damaged. As a rule, these are not minor damages....

Don't want to be responsible for these costs yourself/as a company? Then take out buildings insurance for your business premises as well.

What is building insurance in English?

Property insurance is also known as 'home insurance' in English . Which literally translated means '(t)house insurance'. An insurance for your house. This is literally what home insurance is, because it covers damage (in certain cases) to your home.

Why is it good to know the English translation of building insurance?

Maybe you are going to live abroad or have a holiday home there. In that case, it is always useful to know the English translation of building insurance. You want to be insured abroad to be sure. You will often have to deal with foreign insurers. Do you not master the original language of the country? Then you can probably manage fine in English.

Insurers often have an English option for taking out insurance when necessary. If you then indicate that you want 'home insurance', the insurer immediately knows what you are talking about. This avoids confusion about which insurance you want to take out.

What are the costs for an apartment building insurance?

The costs for a building insurance for your flat usually do not have to be very high. Often the premium starts from a few euros. Of course, this depends on the price of your flat. The more your flat is worth, the higher the premium will be. Are you fitting a new kitchen or getting a new bathroom? Always report this to your insurer. It is possible that your premium will increase because of this. After all, the value of your flat increases.

Other factors may also play a role in calculating the amount of your premium. Think of the location of your flat and your living situation.

Take out your home insurance with Alpina: simple and affordable

Do you own your own home? Or perhaps your own business premises? Then take out building insurance with Alpina. With building insurance from Alpina, you are always covered as completely as possible for the best premium. Do you have any questions about our building insurance? Then please feel free to contact our customer service. We are ready to answer all your questions.

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