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Getting first car insurance: our tips

Young people up to the age of 24 pay proportionately a lot for their first car. This is because they have few or no claim-free years, but mainly because many insurers charge high surcharges for young drivers. What should you pay attention to when insuring your first car?

Often, novice drivers choose to insure the car via the insurance advisor where their parents are also insured. The chances are that the premium will be far too high. This is especially true for first-time drivers who are not yet 24 years old. Some insurers apply unreasonably high rates for young drivers.

Your first car

Insuring your first car - Where to start?

The driving licence has been obtained. Time for the next step, buying your first car. Before you get your car registered, you need to find the most suitable car insurance. This sounds difficult, but the opposite is true. With our comparison tool you can compare dozens of insurers in one search. The too expensive insurers are filtered out immediately. Based on the license plate, you can make a comparison.

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Choose the most appropriate cover

Depending on the value and age of the car, you select the most appropriate cover. The most extensive coverage is the WA-casualty insurance. The disadvantage of this insurance is that the premium depends on the new value of the car. As a result, this cover can no longer be used for older cars. You can roughly follow the following guidelines:

  • WA casco insurance - also pays own damage in case of a fault - approximately until the car is 6 to 8 years old
  • WA limited hull insurance - This cover is often chosen for cars between 6 and 10 years old. The insurance offers coverage against, for example:
    • Fire
    • Storm damage and hail damage
    • Theft
    • Window breakage
    • Collision with stray animals
  • Third Party Insurance - Does not cover your own loss, only loss caused by you to someone else's property. For cars older than 10 years.

First car insurance and claim-free years

When you take out a car insurance for the first time, you have not yet built up any claim-free years. Therefore you start with 0 claim-free years. Every year that you do not make a claim on your car insurance you build up 1 claim-free year and you get more discount.


Insuring your first car sounds complicated, but it is not. With the car's registration number and answers to a few simple questions about yourself and the car, you can compare and insure dozens of insurers at once. The car insurance with the best quality and the lowest price will pop up automatically. Comparing them really does make sense, because the most expensive insurer can charge up to four times as much as the cheapest one.

Take out insurance first

The moment you get your first car registered, you also have to insure it. You do not need the registration certificate to compare car insurance and take out car insurance. To register the license plate with the RDW, the insurer still needs the registration code. This can be found on the registration certificate.

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